make it stop

So here's the reality: It is punishingly anger-makingly hot in New York. It's been above 90 degrees every day for about 2 weeks, with no end in sight (sorry, it *may* be 89 on Thursday). The humidity is like a filthy wet blanket from hell.

I hate it. Can you tell?

I am not tropical! I do not THRIVE in this shit! I like cool breezes and tights and ARID CLIMATES and the ability to keep my windows open without feeling like I am in a Turkish bath.

And so.
This makes "style blogging" a tad TRYING as my style is like..whatever sticks to me the least.

Truth be told, I am rarely leaving the house (working from home RULES, even though I miss my officemates..) and so my style is a kimono robe, unwashed hair, and sometimes a tie-dyed Metallica tee-shirt (aw, purchased almost exactly ONE YEAR AGO !).

But I mean.

These shoes exist in my life.
So, sometimes I go outside.

To wear Miu Miu clogs.


I love them madly. I AM SO TALL IN THEM. It's dizzying up here.
Here is a lovely shot not only of my new crazy dress, but of the lovely detritus that is my behind-the-desk space.
Please note my handmade tote (I made this thing about 10 yrs ago!): OUIJA LIKES BOYS AT NIGHT. One of my favorite lines in Unzipped, doy.

Our office is so cute, I mean you know you wish you worked here.

Self-timer freaks me out, I'm biting my nails at that orange blinking light on my Lumix, givin' me a HEART ATTACK. How do people do this on the regs? I guess it gets easier.

What I do when I am alone, aside from taking photos:

Sit on Lesley's desk (MISS YOU) and talk to Teddy Ruxpin about his ravioli hands.
Don't tell him I told you, but he is sooooo fucking over this summer weather, too.

Gotta go, me and Teddy are gonna get coconut waters at the bodega and hang outside for a sec while he smokes a cigarette.

PS. It's been one year since the Vision Quest road trip of 09, and today is the 1st birthday of my teenytinytattoo !

HAPPY FIRST TATTOO-NNIVERSARY, crook of my right arm! You don't look a day over a day.
I sorta wanna celebrate by getting another one.....? To be continued!


Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

can i see these wonders sometime soon IRL PLZ?

Cara said...

Is the tattoo because of White Lightning? (looks like a lightning bolt)
PLEASE tell me your secert to walking in clogs? PLEASE.
Oh and the self timer light; you never get used to it. I always end up pulling face by the time it goes off. Scary stuff.

brodie said...

feels like you got inkdddd and went road trippin' just yesterday...cos i read about them basically yesterday.
love from your not-weird-at-all-kind-of-INTL-stalker

beewaits said...

I'm jealous. Wish I had the heat you have over in New York. Seriously in Glasgow it's always tipping it down so I end up with soggy feet and frizzy hair.

Clogs are so cute though



Anonymous said...

I am forever in your debt for writing about the trials of disgusting heat on one's personal wardrobe/style.

I become a cranky man when it gets too hot and I can feel the sweat dirtying my hair. Style, as much as I hate to say it, becomes secondary to my mental well-being.

That being said, I love you in those Miu Miu clogs. I love that you brave the heat wave for a shot of leg.

- Kevin

Bea said...


Izzy said...

No it really sucks. This heat is such an impediment to style. Would love to see more of that unagi tote, it intrigues me..

Kylie said...

I laughed so hard when I first saw that Teddy Ruxbin picture on the FK tumblr. He still gets me.

Yeah, so I love this outfit. Good call on taking the plunge with the clogs. Sooo dope, and so you.

Good luck not melting!


bravegrrl said...

love da shoes and your teeny tiny tatto :)

by Sutton said...

amen sister ~ the heat has been awful, and to make matter worse, i decided to move here last week ~ KILL ME!

love the clogs, and enjoy the AC....

Agent Lover said...

Nice gams mama!!!

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Isabel said...


...and it really, really was.

Also, I totally got to see the tie-dye Metallica in action. Yes!!

Katie Bergstrom said...

those clogs are adorable i love your blog

check out mine at ktbergstrom.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

This is EXACTLY how I have been feeling about the heat. I am so, so, SO over it.

And I also would leave the house for the sole purpose of wearing Miu Miu clogs. I love them!

william said...

kewwwwwt clogs

Unknown said...

love that little tote bag and your tattoo is awesome.

Beckerman Girls said...

Your shoes are flirting with me!!!
Those daisy clogs have stolen my heart... dare I ask..are they comfy?
Beckerman Girls


Laura said...

I noticed you have Catacombs on the floor in the first photo. It's such a great record... I'm glad someone else appreciates it!


Bantik said...

I'd like to dedicate this for you

Unknown said...

You better leave your apartment in those cloggs! They are so beautiful--the world wants to see them!

market publique said...

The dress looks amazing on you! And even more those gorgeous Miu Miu clogs - I mean... BEYOND.

Glad you're enjoying your bag as well!

- Pamela

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I could not agree more about the weather here (although today wasn't as bad), but those clogs were made to be shown off! Amazing.

xoxo, Ashley

Six Six Sick said...

OMG is that Teddy Ruxpin with tiny ravioli hands?! I die. And curiously, I want?


Sabrina Leigh said...

oh how i LOVE your shoes i have a majior shoe fetish however i cant ever find any my size! i wear anywhere from an 8.5 to a 10 so i cant even order some... and your dresses if my GIRLS would get lost (oh how i wish theyd shrink) i might even be able to rock some of those... the heat... well Vegas is crazy hot in the 115 to 120 range all week with 110 being the exciting low... no breeze and totally dry ill trade you any day.... i love the teddy btw his glasses rock!


Unknown said...

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