N. B. D.

Ok listen... Can we all stop for a second and give props to The REAL S.J.P.?

aka The Coolest Cucumber 
aka Tiny Brad

James Spader in Pretty in Pink?

Whatever you wanna call her, I SALUTE HER.
Casual stroll, hand in pocket = COOLEST OF ATTITUDES.


Emily said...

Oh god James Spader....what a man.

brodie said...

kid looks good in a polo.

laia. said...


Black Chicks Rule said...

Shiloh is in good company. As some of the greatest women in history and pop culture dressed androginous in their day:
Joan of Arc
Queen Elxabeth I
Amelia Earhart
Eleanoor Roosevelt
Katherine Hepburn
Gloria Steinem
Joan Jet
and the list goes on....
BCR from smoothfemdom.blogspot.com

hazel said...

she is like...smirking too...oh my god

bea. said...

she is gonna be a total badass when she grows up.

Erica said...

She is too cute!

Ollie Crafoord said...

What a pose, haha.

Ollie Crafoord

Heaven said...

Dang, you called this one. Completely agree. I love that kid, and all her siblings, and James Spader.

Ronnie Heart said...

who's baby is this?

Megan said...

You are hilarious and so right!

Megan said...

You are hilarious and so right!

Every Little Counts said...

oh boy, i still lust after james spader circa pretty in pink.

Anonymous said...

that movie plays on my laptop on the regular. he is such a dick, but strangely hot at the same time. props to anyone who LOVES john hughes movies with pride.

The Covetist

--- said...

aww...she's definitely got it, and at such a young age (where i was, let's face it, playing with lego and relying on my mom to dress me appropriately and was too shy to even look at people, let alone pose for pictures...). oh, an spader was f****** hot, until secretary (now he's just old, unfortunately). and i really really like your blog and style, not the typical fashion-blog-barbie. nice :)

Rackk and Ruin said...

hahahaha. Love this post. and totally a James Spader shoe-in

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