paging ricky powell

Please enjoy the running commentary provided by myself and Doree Shafrir as we witness a seemingly sane-ish man charge into Tompkins Square Park and proceed to shave his face in the fountain (shaving cream was already applied).

This new iPhone is pretty dope, camera-wise.

Is my voice not what you were expecting?
Yeah, me neither.


Bea said...

I like your voice. It's friendly and humorous sounding.
Maybe he was uh... late to his girlfriend's house and forgot?

Comic_Cat said...

'He still has some left on his neck near his ear! ..cleaning the razor.'
So funny, made my day! :D

Heebie Jeebie Jaya said...

I am honestly re-reading your last couple of entries with sound of your voice in my head! Creepy thing to do? Maybe. But the text is now, like, a voice-over to photos. AWESOME.

Also, even though it's on the same wavelength, shaving (your face) in public is still not as gnarly as witnessing someone clipping their nails. GROSS.

Colleen said...

That's one i haven't seen before. Really made my day - haha!

Jcdemers said...

I've stumbled across your blog and will now have to read it onwards. I was undecided until I read the "letter from management and not MGMT". Good stuff. Keep it up!

Katherine said...

lmao tompkins

brendan donnelly said...


David Henderson said...

Ok, everyone has a story. We don't know his so we have to make it up. Let's see...... he's a cheap-ass traveler..... but where's he going? Your turn.

Anonymous said...

That's NYC, full of crazy people.

wool and misc said...

i love your voice.

Sabrina Leigh said...

i deff think thats the weirdest thing i've ever seen but you witness it in person..lol... im defenitally joining your following and ps LOVE THE RED SHOES

samantha said...

Oh my good god.

I've witnessed equally bizarre things, only now I wish I had filmed them with a witty play by play voice over.

Erin said...

Oh, wow... Who would have thought that people in this world could be so strange.

That is really funny!!!


Serge Yegiazarov said...

Wow, that is one strange dude. I like the pictures and content on this blog;Really well done. I'd love to hear your opinion on mine: http://theacademik.blogspot.com/

Annabelle said...

This guy is hilarious!
PS, it wasn't what I was expecting, but it sounds nice :)

Gary Baker said...

Okay, so I just gave up 2 minutes and 48 seconds of my life to watch a guy with a 1/16th inch head shaving.
And I have a beard.

L@ura said...

I figured you would sound more like my sassy, zany Nana, jeez laweez surprises!

Unknown said...

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Adele said...

I've given up about three minutes of my life to watch it and comment, and it was worth it!
Maybe he had dinner with his family, like Sunday Lunch and needed to shave...

firefly said...

You're right. Your voice WASN'T what I expected...it's cooler!

Anonymous said...

i love your voice :)

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