the reason i never brush my hair


Here is Liv Tyler raging it out to Hole's Rock Star in Stealing Beauty, circa 1996.
Let's all celebrate this way today.

I wish I still had a discman (although it would probs skip from all the jumping around) to properly mark the day, but oh well.


Isabelle said...

But you could put it on anti-skip? Although that would use up the battery. Haha olden days.


karyn starr said...

thank you for this memory.

louise or valentine said...

i should light a candle (or something else...) and rock out in my car to hole. that's the only way to do it.

sasasa said...

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Mars said...

Brushing your hair should be against the law!

Peaches and Cream said...

Thanks for the awesome clip! So long since I've seen this movie, one of my all-time favourites. Still haven't fulfilled my lifelong dream of spending a summer in Tuscany attending fab house parties and not brushing my hair the whole time (okay maybe after campfire shenanigans it might need a bit of a brush)!

happy-shopper said...

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Unknown said...

Saw your blog mentioned on Who What Wear's twitter. Soo glad I did.

darcy dubose said...

this is glorious.

Holmesy said...

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Zoë said...

this is such an amazing film and its the reason i came across hole!

Dee said...

1. I saw this movie on TV last summer. Loved it.
2. I saw that they were selling discmans at London Drugs (Oh, Canada), and they were like 10 dollars. I was quite tempted to buy one, for nostalgic purposes.
3. This was a bad day to braid my hair.
4. I´m thinking of doing some First Kiss screen prints. Just for the hell of it. I shall send you whatever I make, if I ever get around to it.

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Unknown said...

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