so red, so shiny

I feel like I never really fully introduced my current-proudest-creation here on the blog. How ruuuude.

Custom ordered from No.6. Patent leather, "kiltie", with peep toe, with a back strap, on a natural base. BRIGHT RED!

I have decided that they go with everything.
Like lichen, for instance.

And a patch of sunlight.

And dusk.

I may get a platform added to them, juuuuuuust because I am a little bit insane.

They've been a constant all summer. Highly recommended.
My next pair is going to be hot pink nubuck, I consider this a "neutral".


Blindcopy said...

lovely pics. it's a bit amelie-like - clogs on a journey/vacation :)

Sunshine said...

love these. they have such a 40s thing going on w the peep toes and the red. super good choices.

kaelah beauregarde said...

i'm loving all of these pictures! i'm glad i'm not the only one who likes to focus on my feet when i get a fantastic new pair of shoes! they're great!


melina bee said...

what inspiring photos, I love the way you seem to capture a true self portrait without your face (or even really much of your body) and also the color relationships. I love red shoe and ever since I can remember I tend to notice and automatically respect the women who wear them. great hot pink = neutral sentiment

Emily Louise Church said...

Oh wow those shoes are beautiful!

Leah said...

such hot shoes, i lovvee them.

Unknown said...

Love the shoes, red is a marvelous choice indeed. :)

Alé said...


Your Tiny Tassles make me smile from ear to ear, your wooden sole's clickclackclock'ing is music to my ears and your shiny candy apple redness puts my bkushing cheeks to shame.

No6 has my love,

J. Fonte for RogueRanting.com said...

Ahhhhh. I love this. And I love that when you say pink is ur neutral, you aren't joking.

Contact said...

burnt orange tassels.. perfect!


Anonymous said...

I adore your shoes! They are gorgeous x

Six Six Sick said...

So fucking awesome. I can't believe they do custom orders. I need a pair in my life.


Vancouverista said...

definitely get platforms added!

M said...

very beautiful shoes!
and made me smile how they appear in nearly every picture :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty sexy freaking shoes. They're not 'pretty' and they're 'chunky' but they're so awesome non-the-less. red patent mmm patent leather...

L'hibou said...

Wish me wearing them wouldn´t be suggested gay, but at least I can, without any shame, say that I absolutely love the series of pictures!

Unknown said...

Adorable pic...Thanks
custom bedroom furniture


A day in the life of clogs haha


A Glamorous Way of Thinking said...



rosina. said...

I love when you do these multiple picture posts.

SWANclothing said...

hot damn! nice shoes.

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