sock rebellion

You know yr having a hard time when a kicked up sock game is your only chance at some flair.


This is all I can muster! Now I know how dudes must feel.


bravegrrl said...

but oh so cute :)

ana said...

and what great socks they are

beewaits said...

those are actually the sweetest socks i ever did see.

claire xo

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tavi said...

I believe that if I wore Happy Socks every day, I would never have a bad day.

Anonymous said...

I adore bright printed happy socks. Makes me feel like a kid again. xo Mish

AlixRose said...

I know I always feel a little happier when I am wearing fun socks. I usually wear them with jeans so you can only really see them if you're looking. Its like having a fun secret.
Love the red!

trix miami said...

red shoes and socks amazing!! great colour detail..really.

Megan said...

Can I please have that bag?


Ashley [Free Honey] said...

But even socks are so much more fun when you're a girl! I wish it wasn't so hot in nyc now so that I could wear more socks w/ sandals.

xoxo, ashley

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