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OOH the September Issues are arriving! It's the best part of the summer, where we get to remember that it ENDS SOON and we get to wear tights again. Am I projecting?

Well, here is the first one I have seen: Lady Gaga is on the cover of Vanity Fair! I have put a big moratorium on blogaga situations here on White Lightning, mainly because (and it pains me to say this) her TWITTER ACCOUNT made me HATE HER. I am not your "monster", you are not  my "Mother" and I never want to put my "paws up". What the fuck is that all about? It is EMBARRASSING. #cringetweets to the max!

Well anyway. Here is this:


"Oh, hey bitches. Peeeeaaaacccccceeee in the middle east, dig? Just chilling here doing a monochrome thing, I know I usually ape Madonna but I really feel like the "Father Time" looks is gonna catch on big for FW10."

But wait...this seems so familiar.
OH RIGHT- because Father Time is Kristen McMenamy's style icon!


I would tread lightly, Gagaloo...This bitch has outwitted and outlasted so many...plus she is freaky tall.

But if we can be honest with ourselves?

Gandalf's been rocking this look forevs. Old hat!


brodie said...

"who is she? why is she?"
vanity fair just got deep on all of us.

sarah said...

also, "should you worry?"
well, i wasn't, but now you've made my brain go all conspiracy theory on itself.
thanks vanity fair, thanks.

Taylor said...

lilo....is that you??

Tanya Bermudez said...

I actually really enjoy Vanity Fair. It's goes more than skin deep usually and well written. But I agree with you on the Lady Gaga twitter - outside the photo shoots, she is really annoying!


mary van note said...

when I scrolled to Gandalf I totally cracked up. you rock.

Isabel said...

"Father Time" = priceless.

hildegarde said...

oh Lawwwdyyyy

Emily said...

Yay for September issues!

Panty Buns said...

Lady Gaga's ascending fame is landing her on magazine covers where i would previously not have expected to see her, and i wonder whether Newsweek and Fortune Magazine might be on the horizon. There is something slightly incongruous in the (beautiful) photos in this post. Kristen McMenamy has blonde eyebrows but appears to have dark roots showing. Lady Gaga's roots are perfectly dyed blond but her dark eyebrows reveal her natural hair colour. Then again, as you point out, Gandalf has that look down. Could Lady Gaga be secretly an ancient wizard? i thought everybody knew who Lady Gaga was, but maybe it is right to ask. She sure looks pretty on Vanity Fair's cover.

Madison LaChappelle said...

She just looks so weird when au naturel.

I had to comment anyway because I'm mega looking forward to wearing tights again. And hot chocolate. And scarves. And gloves.


amy jayne said...

This isn't the first time Lady Gaga has had the grey hair, look at candid photos from May and she had the grey hair then, she looks stunning.
Her fans are her monsters, thats her name for them, shes not calling non-fans or random public members...

liz said...

I love Kristen.

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