you can find me in a crowd

I have run out of ways to describe the heat and humidity. WELL DONE, MOTHER NATURE, you minx. You have rendered me wordless. I may need to take up Cantonese or perhaps Afrikaans? to be able to collect more ways to say "sticky" "airless" and "Satan's armpit".

That aside, guess what?? It is still amazing to get out of the city.
We went to visit Darbie & Justin in their incredible new house in Kingston, NY. Otherwise known as my next place of residence. I loved it there!

We went for a walk down to the waterfront.

It is possible that a partially polyester vintage bathing suit (?? I think? There are built-in bloomers under there!) is maybe not the best choice for a muggy summer day but let's just BE WILD, shall we?!? It;s called L-I-V-I-N.

Tell me: do you think some sort of acid-loving clay artisan painted this crazy door? It looks like I'm melting into it... MELLTINGGGG.

New-ish Dolcetta sandals (Dolce Vita for Urban Outfitters) that may be my perfect summer shoe: they have a heel that doesn't feel like a heel (you can walk all day in them, no prob), and super wide straps that make them feel tougher and cooler than most sandals I have, i.e. ones that mostly make me feel like a second grader.

Important side discussion: This orange nail polish from Essie. The shade is so very much NOT captured correctly here; it is basically radioactive. It's got to be called Chernobyl Bliss or something, the color is unreal.

I have had this little cropped cotton cardigan for about 10 years. It's vintage Wrangler and I don't think I've worn it since 2005. I have been wearing it all the time lately. Score one for packrats !

It's not so bad having someone take your photos for you, especially when they can capture this special look of overheated PAIN on my face! SEXXXY!

It's a damn shame what that humidity does to a tight BANGS game like mine...oh well. You can't be perfect all the time, right?

I love not-New-York-City-cities.


Art By Amber D said...

I'm digging the nail polish...actually the whole outfit is awesome! It's hard to look great while you're sweating but you're doing a fine job!

Shay said...

haha, there couldn't BE a better backdrop for that outfit. Lovely.

Viki said...

I love your shoes and the door! haha
i'm followin you :)
by the way, little pitt is so cute!

melina bee said...

love your outfit's color palette and how you matched it to the door.
I'd love to find essie near me, their shades always look great

brodie said...

ggggnnnaaarrrrgggghhhhh darbie's blog gives me a total life boner/jealousy. "oh, yeah, my beautiful husband and my beautiful self are just buying books and quilts and berries and bikes and going to swimming holes and we live in an amazing house that's not in the city, but still in new york" i love-hate/want to be them.
also, i think i first found wite litez via there...maybe? not sure. probably not really even relevant!
ummmmm i love that bathing suit and you look super kewt in that last picture.
also, little tidbit of trivia: in certain states in australia (like the one i grew up in) people call bathing suits/bathers "togs".
the end.

Jessi Lou said...

I love your blog! I just started one last week. Hopefully someday it will be as wonderful as yours. :)

Your style is fantastic.

xo, Jessica

longge said...

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Leather and Lace said...

perfect colors


Annabelle said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous as usual but QUICK READ THIS COMMENT!
There's a Lady Gaga special on fuse (channel 339 on direct tv???) so go there right now and watch!!!
Awww I hope it's not too late :(

Amy said...

Kingston's okay but it really isn't that great, I grew up there and it's been going downhill for like 10 years, crime and gang-related crime increase every year!

Uptown and downtown, where it looks like you were, are definitely pretty and charming though! Glad you had fun and looked awesome in my old stomping grounds!

noirohio vintage said...

dude. LOVE the photos of you in front of the door that you match! awesome.

Alexandra said...

That door is killin' me.

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