a break in the game

I can't take summer clothes anymore, I CAN'T. SO bored with them!
I wore leggings the other night, and it was hot out! I AM A REBEL AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME.

Mara Hoffman sent me these leggings and I am obsessed to the point of thinking maybe i just do leggings this fall? I mean it will nevs happen but the thought CROSSED MY MIND.

Ugh I hate having my photo taken by someone else. It is not comfortable!
Even if it's your boyfriend in your Brain Food Room (I just made that up now. But it's apt! It's where the books, mags and records are!).

This is me saying "I really kinda hate this. I feel dumb. Let's just go get a drink"

Pertinent Details:
Random denim shirt // Mara Hoffman leggings // Prada heart print silk purse, I added the vintage leather strap // ancient Steve Madden clompy brown shoes (they are "inspired by" ChloĆ© FW 06). I have a pair of the genuine article, but I still love these.
Sidenote, people go crazy for these shoes. Still. I get stopped on the street. It happened yesterday! It's sorta crazy, they are comepletely battered and falling apart. Still one of my favorites !

PS If you care..that Sonic Youth record behind me is clear blue vinyl.

PPS The 7" on top, which needs to go on The Real 90s, is the Ladies Who Lunch "Kims We Love" single: Josephine Wiggs (Breeders) & Kate Shellenbach (Luscious Jackson/Beastie Boys) playing Pixies & Sonic Youth songs entirely on Casios in homage to Kim Deal and Kim Gordon. (Cotton candy pink vinyl!)


Emily Louise Church said...

cute outfit!

Stefanie said...

I think you look really purdy when your boyfriend takes your picture!

Caitlin said...

i've been wearing my new wool dress for the past week. SHUT UP SUMMER, I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK!! xx

Bea said...

So this is totally unrelated to anything you just said (cool vinyl though) but I think a few posts back I was bitchin about how I couldn't be in NYC to see blonde redheads. Well I get to see them in November in Dallas. SCORE!

Rachel Lewis Illustration said...

I'm with you on the leggings front. I love summer, way more than winter (I have bad circulation so get cold v easily - I'm cold in summer let alone winter) but I much prefer winter dressing. When it's hot and sticky out, I don't care about fashion, I just want to wear the least amount of clothes possible. But when it's winter - you can layer up, wear 4 things at once and not look crazy!

Thus is the conundrum of my life =/ Sigh.

Your leggings are mental though, love them. And agreed on the photo taking front - I just hate photo outfits full stop. I need to get back into drawing what I wear.

laura said...

oh gosh, swap with me, please. i'll take your summer and swap you a winter. p.s i like your last name, it sounds sparkley.

Anonymous said...

I love your post, they are great, I hope you pass my new blog ...

dirtbike said...


Sam Harvey said...

how do you stay so lollipops and unicorns? what is your secret?

Ash said...

Cute outfit! And I feel ya... so done with summer clothes. I need jeans and boots and chunky sweaters againnnnnn.

Briana said...

veryyyy cool! love this look.
now following-


Briana said...

veryyyy cool! love this look.
now following-


Fashion Tidbits said...

i thought the Mara Hoffman swim collection was amazing!!! such psychadelic prints!

ronald said...

miss you rebel girl!

Unknown said...

uh so jealous of kims we love

btw you don't know me (ha stalker) but i read your blog heaps.

you should check out trash kit - they are a london band with ros from electrelane


i think you'll like 'em, they're into girl power and diy and stuff

lucy x

Han-omi said...

oh jeez, I know, I get bored of summer dressing too.. In Beijing, if I try to layer, or wear tights, I DIE.

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