estate sales: be still my heart

Saturday morning, bright and early, Shayla picked me up and we hit the estate sale scene here in Portland. We went to two whole house affairs that ab-so-lute-ly blew my mind. I mean. These were insane collectors after my own heart.

My heart aches for all the great UNBELIEVABLY CHEAP home stuff that would be the perfect way to decorate my apartment...if it wasn't 2,800 miles away. Sighs.

Well there was still SO much to sort through, honestly I could've bought a whole car load.

A few gems (all for mere cents or a dollar or two):

Amelia Earhart goggles? Glasses? Red baron bifocals? WHAT ARE THESE? I have no idea, but I could not leave them behind. They are so incredible, who wore these?

A dust jacket-less first edition of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood.

Obsessed with that Kennedy pin.

"An artist's crayon at scholar's price"

Such a sucker for old notebooks and datebooks and diarys!!!

Elizabeth Roberts, Psychic Consultant.
I mean..I can't, it's so delightful.

But maybe the BEST?

Maybe my favorite sneaky find, which I honestly didn't realize til I was in the car!

The lil' gold pencil (if you twist it, the lead pokes out) pendant above, which was with the lil red books, is almost exactly like:

Joanie's ever present gold pen!


brodie said...

more like In Cohmygod Blood!

Agreed on the Kennedy pin. Also, the Carter/Mondale one. That's what I imagine all American High School sports uniforms look like.

Gold pencil pendant = score of a lifetime. Thanks, dead Portland bros!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

This is all sososo good! Fist edition IN Cold Blood?? Gawd, I bought so much crap when I was in WA, for cheap--but then I had to pay an arm AND a leg to ship it all back to NYC! Bah, I just can't control myself when thrifting back home, especially for breakables...

Sally Jane Vintage said...

Amazing finds! I mean, that pen pendant? Come on! I always do the same thing... go down south and buy a ton of cheap shit and then pay an arm and a leg to ship it back to PA.

Sunshine said...

those are driving goggles I think. late 20s-mid 30s. that cord would be more substantial for flying.
obvs super jealz here. i have yet to go to a good estate sale. or find goggles. good work.

melina bee said...

I would love to find a pendant like Joan's

Anonymous said...

It's always so good to finally get your hands on some wax crayons and think "Yes! These are exactly the kind of crayons that might have been used to render the Cistine Chapel! But at a scholar's price!"

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

sooooooooo amazing...
making me wonder why we aren't going on estate missions on this coast.

darbie said...

the pen! amazing!

and going to estate sales in jerz is one of my most favorite pastimes. you should def come with!

Dee said...

I want every single thing you bought. FYI.

Colleen said...

OMFG the pen! That is so freaking cool. I need to find out where estate sales are ASAP.

sarah said...

man man man, man alive!
those are some great finds.

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