refusal to enter

Yesterday I tried (and failed) to sit through the entirety of Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void.
The 20 minutes I did see had me nauseous and on the verge of an anxiety attack due to POV camera work, Paz de la Huerta porn and the protagonist's DMT-induced hallucinations. 

What I DID enjoy was the INNN-SA-HANE opening title sequence. 
Please take your antiseizure meds before pressing play.

INSANITY, right? I really enjoyed this on a big screen. Type porn!

Even in the cooling cushy leather-seated comfort of the screening room at Soho House, my boyfriend could sense my overwhelming sense of BARFITATIOUSNESS and whispered, "You can go, this is sooo not your thing...". HALLELUJAH for mind-reading. 

PS: if you really think you can handle it, maybe first check out Hunter's thoughts on enduring the entire film on his Twitter...."I feel like my brain is being raped by a Ferris Wheel operated by Satan consulted by Alex Shulgin"

...Sound like your idea of fun? Then by all means, go for it!


Jade said...

omg this is worse than that episode of pokemon when pikachus eyes were giving everyone siezrues
i litterally woke up on the floor of my computer room an hour after watching this, im must of hit my head and blacked out whilse convulsing....thanks

Cara said...


Bea said...

After also watching the theatrical trailer I'm actually really interested in seeing it. The cinematography looks amazing.

hildegarde said...

oh lawdy

Loïc said...

ow ow ow ow ow (why am I still watching this??) ow ow ow ow

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