things are gonna change i can feel it

Since it's nothin' but a glorious 70 degrees here in Portland, I can actually see that FALL will happen (it will!...right?) and New York won't just be a rage-inducing swamphole.

So now I am trolling websites and making mental lists for what I musssttt be wearing once the forecast is my friend again (like it is out here on the west coast).

I would like this entire Loeffler Randall outfit on my person, as soon as east weather permits (or sooner. I have a powerful AC unit). THANKS IN ADVANCE, WORLD.

Possibly the animal print piece I have been looking for my whole life (no big deal). It's a blazer, it;s a coat, it's a jacket, it's a snuggie. I'll wear it over anything, the more patterns the BETTER.

I want lots of nude leather for fall. I want to wear it with black and grey and obnoxious colors. These have a mesh window in them! I think I would swap out the laces for something more outrageous, and then wear the hell out of them so that they are superworn in.


How is it possible that I do not own and suede clothes? (Except of course, for an incredible vintage coat of a thousand colors) I clearly need a skirt to go with it, something that I can pet and draw pictures on when I am bored and sitting on the subway. This could be that something.


Isabel said...

So into this. Especially the mesh booties. It would be cool if you found a pair of those neon curly shoe laces to put in them.

Anonymous said...


Cara said...

That combo coat (hah) is amazing. Nomnomnom. Except I can't afford it.
I will be super jealous of you when/if you wear that coat.

Anonymous said...


Hannah Greene said...

Love that leopard print jacket. LA has been pretty chilly all this summer so unfortunately I could probably wear it right now.

NobodyKnowsMarc said...

love the coat!!

thesmallviking said...

welcome back to pdx. if you need an estate sale buddy get my digits from meisner and we'll hit the saturday morning clothes extravaganzas!

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