the week it was

The best of the last couple of weeks, in living color, courtesy of my iPhone.

Hunter is the spicy chicken taco king.

Opening Ceremony for Doc Martens ponyhair sandals !! THEY WILL BE MINE. Somehow.

Cat head.

I WENT TUBING. THIS WAS LIFE CHANGING. To quote Amanda, "Tubing is my preferred lifestyle choice.

Don't tell me what to do!

I meade pickled onions, for the aforementioned taco spread. They are DOPE AS HELL. I think I am going to start a secret food blog. Or would you guys be into food posts on here?

Went to the Mets slaughter on Sunday. The most baller tickets have ever had to anything in my life ever. We were basically ON the field. Tooooo bad they lost 14-1. OOPSYDOOPS.

I met an idol of mine on Saturday! REAL 90S FOR REAL. More on that later.

Sad donut! (He hates Mondays)


bea. said...

TUBING IS THE GREATEST. I could tube for the rest of my life.

Kiri said...

that sounds amazing! and yes food posts pleeaaassee!!!!

corrie said...

i went to town tinker earlier this summer, could not stay on the damn tube to save my life but it was pretty awesome. i love how they openly say it's cool to drink in their parking lot before you embark down the creek.

Katie said...

oh my god...those tacos. <3

Fashion Intel said...

Those sandals are out of this world!

quartzneptune said...

Food posts, yes! Don't hold back. I want to experience full WhiteLite lyfestyle blog all the way :)

Syda said...

Haha sad donut again?


laia. said...

more food posts please! especially if i get to uhh be a taste tester...

Kylie said...

I'm down for food posts.
And I love that donut. New desktop wallpaper?... Nah, it's all about Father Time Gaga.


Anastassia Chepelkevitch said...

First, I have to see the Met!

Ok, let me stop you right there, the Mets suck. You wanna see the Yankees!

No not the Mets, the Met, singular.

Which one, they all suck!

The museum.

I don't think so...

brodie said...

i think i speak for everyone, ever when i say
yes plz food posts!

The Vegetarian Girl said...

I think food posts would be a great idea!

Anonymous said...

totally give us food shizz...mos def.
esp the ones with sad faces on them ;)
love the ring. gorge

The Covetist

Anonymous said...

mouth watering. I would read a food blog by you. )

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