what's with today, today?

Oh nothing..Just a mid-length cotton palazzo culotte with cheetah faces on them..you know, CASUAL.

Jacket, camisole, belt, pants, shoes: all thrifted. The pants and shoes were from my epic day with Claire, the jacket is from Connecticut, the shirt and belt are ancient.

The book is my current obsessive reading selection, it's RIVETING.

Among many other things, I wish I had been graced with some sort of upper lip. Woulda been nice. I guess I save on lipstick that way.

PS Apparently I just got called out for BENES-ING. If being Elaine is wrong, I don't wanna be right.


Bea said...

my upperlip = nonexistant too
but also me = jealous of those pantolettes

Cara said...

Hah I have no upper lip either!
The shoes and pants are super amazing <3<3

melina bee said...

your style is so amazing. proud to see oregon's thrifting's finest. can't believe those pants, they would be seriously tragic on my frame but on you I want to pass out from jealousy that there are hidden faces in your pants

Anonymous said...

Oh, I *love* Empire Records. *swoon*

I can't read the title of that book ... what is it?

nicolette said...

love the new header. a lot.

swallow glitter said...

cheetah face culotte = heaven! love the transparent lace paired with it too :)

the captain said...

Is that a bandeau you're wearing underneath that lace top? If so, are you the type of girl who can't usually fit into bandeaux because they can't seem to cover enough? If so, please tell me where you got your bandeau.

Colleen said...

i have big fat lips that disappear when i smile or talk...so i don't know what that's all about, but it gets lipstick on my teeth. i probably need botox. love the elaine look! next hair trend: a big ass wall of hair

Sam Harvey said...

go with the flo. love the skirt it is on the prowl.

laia. said...

fuck those pants are amaze!

quartzneptune said...

Upper lips are not for Scorpios, okay? Chloe Sevigny, Bjork, my boyfriend, yourself; all extremely cute, all Scorpio, no upper lips.
Winona Ryder is the exception, but frankly, she lacks edge.

Valerie said...

Oh you are so cute! I love your wee blog its wonderful :)

check out my blogs if you get a chance, i've just kinda started out a few months back :)


Valerie xxx

Every Little Counts said...

amazing, amazing, amazing pants. i am truly jealous and now i'm starting to think it has been way too long since i have been thrifting.

WESTYLE said...


Idée Géniale said...

Although most comments seem to be bout your upper lip (or lack there of) I can't get over those pants! I must say, i'm a suckker for printed pants, but palazzo printed pants??!! Major score.

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