win or lose

The ultimate win but secret lose situation:

Isabel Toledo for Payless!?!!!

What perfectly ugly-but-cool 90s-flavored fantasia!
Cheap as hell AND weird and wonderful. (My favorite combination)

I want these. I want them in a real way. I already see them grey wool tights or block knee socks. With a weird fancy dress for a random fashion week party or just any old day (they look way comfortable) with aannnyyything I own.


Ready for the Lose?

Of the four colorways available, the red, white, and blue soles are EXCLUSIVE to Colette.
Stateside, we only get yellow (the WORST one. DON'T WANT!)

WHYYYY is this? I refuse to pay international shipping for PAYLESS SHOES!

Bummertown to the exxxtreme.
My feelings are best explained by Tony Harrison:



Bea said...

I'm always so angry with Collette. Can we get one stateside or something? I'm cheap.
But, on the plus, the mighty boosh always has the right words.

Poochie said...

That blows. I want the red or the white ones. No to yellow!

Juicifer said...

i thought i liked you.
then you referenced Tony Harrison.

i bloody adore you

Gnar Jen said...

Oh man, these are incredibly hideous but to hear they're exclusive PAYLESS for COLETTE is pretty fuckin weird (don't care who the designer is). I love Colette and step up to the plate when the shipping comes down for things I really want but come on, PAYLESS?! An exclusive to these should have included free shipping.

dirtbike said...


Anonymous said...

You should definitely look on ebay! I got my Polaroid 300 like a day after it came out on online. it's worth a try :)

Tavi said...

Ewwww, what? Why is Colette selling Payless shoes? Yellow sucks. I wanted blue! They would've looked so cool with Happy Socks. OMG, imagine your red/white polka dot ones with any of these!!! Except the yellow, of course, for, IT SUCKS.

Sam Harvey said...

i just think they look like thelma shoes. scooby snacks for all!

Kat said...

lame.. the red ones are dope!

Kylie said...

omg, LOL @ Tony. I want the blue ones!... ebay? I guess you should be happy that you get any, Payless in Canada sucks balls. NO cool colabs or anything, just granny sneakers and kids shoes that light up.


Viki said...

those shoes are incredible!

firefly said...

Paint it!

Christina Catherine said...

That totally defeats the purpose of having a mass-market collaboration. This bums me out on a deeeep level.

Still might need to grab those blue ones.

Si se puede.

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

Oh nooooooooooooo! I read all this week about how these were coming to payless soon but I must;ve missed this important info! I like yellow, in general but it is totally the worst one. Damn you Colette!

xoxo, Ashley

Ross said...

maybe they'll be online from payless? Why would would colette have payless...isn't payless an american company.....that serves fast fashion.....whu?

william said...

Those shoes are wackadoodle; I applaud toledo for not holding back on payless.

Zira Hunter said...

cool shoes

Eggs said...

Thanks for using my Tony Harrison video! :)

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