Field Trip: What Goes Around Comes Around warehouse

Some days are just really really good days, what can I say?
On Monday I had the extreme pleasure of visiting the mega-warehouse NJ outpost of What Goes Around Comes Around with Gala (of Gala Darling) and Carolina (of Fashion Squad) and needless to say...we were a bit excited/elated/overwhelmed.

Although we adapted quite well.

(Mental Note..no posing next to Swedes. Self-esteem can't take it.)

The huge warehouse space is merchandised like the vintage emporium that you (I) always imagined in exists in Heaven (Heaven is full of vintage, obvi. And mink Snuggies, Mark Ronson posters and it's never humid, ever. And coffee flows from fountains and makes your hair look like Blake Lively's. Sorry..got distracted. Where was I?).

I was losing my mind fairly steadily. There were so many kimonos and fur things and Mad Men dresses and military parkas and hats and fur mittens and boots and I mean..

..I really got into THE SPIRIT OF THINGS. Doesn't that hat make me look like José Eber? SEXXY REFERENCE FOR A YOUNG LADY! Victorian capelet, pink kimono, 60s dresses...I just kept trying everything.

Important moments:

This is from her mudsplattered collection, circa late 70s. There is a train. It is wool and cotton, divine.


I would not describe these shoes as "walkable" (we discussed the fact that Mis Naomi herself faceplanted in them on the runway) but really...if you are be photogrpahed? BE PHOTOGRAPHED IN THESE.

Apparently Lady Gaga wanted to buy them but alas they were not her size. WAH WAHHHHH.

Um..As I was perusing the bag section, there was a glitch in the Matrix. *MY* bag, that I had with me that day (purchased from a Florida thrift about 8 years ago) WAS FOR SALE THERE!

What?!!? Does this HAPPEN? Mine is the bag on the bottom, I added a raccoon tail I bought in Portland. If this is not a sign that this trip was fated, well then I DON'T KNOW.

In coat form, at least.

I have been searching high and low for the perfect animal print coat. hey used to show up with some sort of frequency in all the usual places, but after Kate Moss wore one..they are bordering on urban legend- SO FAR TO FIND.

Well this one is now mine. It's wool with a cheetah print and I adore it. Double-breasted, 2 pockets, perfect length, perfect fit. Get ready to see a lot of it.

Gala got velvet Pucci column skirts- two! This one and a blues/greens one. GORGE.

And Carolina, as much as she realllly wanted this un-fucking-real bolero, went with the mint condish Pucci sunglasses she is wearing here.

What a day.
Thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone at WGACA for showing us the greatest time ever!!!!

And don't skip out on checking their blog:

Where I answered a few questions about my new coat and OTHER IMPORTANT THANGS LIKE THAT.


Katie said...

wow wow wow! cool pictures, amazing clothes!

Bantik said...

Seems like you very in a heavenonearth...envyyyy..

why do swedes have perfect hair?( and everything) Is it genetics?

Unknown said...

ooo heaven is a place on earth!

I'm jealous.

Jenni said...

This looks likes the happiest place on earth. Amazing.

Insomnia said...

Oh, goodness, all this beauty!
Especially love the shoes and the leopard coat, sigh*!

Violet said...

i love the jacket that has japan on it! and loving the new coat its looks fab on you

Vi from Cali

Amber said...

looks like you had a blast

Jazzi M said...

I had a blast just LOOKING at these pics, so I can't even imagine being there! You all look super cute, as usual!

zeeta said...

I think I knew someone who interned there last year. Now I kind of wish I interned there because it looks like HEAVEN *A*

Sunshine said...

dying! must go there asap.

Anonymous said...

I'm hard to impress when it comes to vintage, but this place looks amazing. I am super jealous of the leopard coat.

Anonymous said...

I wore that same cheetah print coat in a film I am in! It was one of the film makers Grandmothers! How crazy that you found the same one. It is a beautiful coat.

melly said...

this place truely looks like heaven and i can even feel its spirit here in go´ ol´ europe. dude. <3


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I'm dying a little from jealousy. The leopard coat you picked is awesome. Also, I wouldn't pose next to a Swede either--no reason to look like a midget!

Gnarlitude Jen said...

That warehouse is sick !
I love the coat and love that it fits you perfectly! Those Westwood heels are too perfect and it made me smile that LG could not have them.
Too weird about the bag!!! Lets do more FL thrifting soon!

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

uh-MAZING. obviously. i kinda think we should bring back 80's quirky kimono-wearing annie potts in pretty in pink as an appropriate dressing style.

miss annie said...

so amazing, it DOES look like heaven to me!
Omg , some of the shots made me think: Why don´t your sit in a plane yet , on the way to this exciting warehouse?!
want to visit it too!
Where is this warehouse?

JoJo said...

I know exactly what you mean about the Leopard coats. I was actually thinking about that recently, how I wanted one and how I used to always seem them in the vintage shops in Toronto years ago.

Wholesale Flea Market Supplies said...

That's an interesting collection to lay your hands on. The shoes, jackets and denims are some of the clothing that I couldn't take my eyes off.

Ellinor Forje said...

You're funny. All you need to do is hook yourself up with some Scandinavian/Swedish gear, and you'll be alright. Come visit my blog, they're all over!



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