FYIslers: Bjork is Still Tops

OH, YOU DELIGHTFUL ICELANDIC WACKADOOSLER. I feel like when I make a wish for something weird, Bjork wears it to the supermarket. Or you know, an awards ceremony.

I wrote about how enamored I was with Bea Szenveld's fantistical collection back in May and today this picture of Bjork appeared in my inbox (Magic! Icelanders believe in elves, you know).

Bjorkypants also wears another one of Bea's crazay paper creations on the cover of the latest issue of Another Magazine:

Fucking amazing. AMAZING! All I want is a little more bravery like this in celebrity fashion today. Wear something insane! Be a little bit UNIQUE, it won't kill you, I swear.

Thank God for you, B. I can always live vicariously through your unendingly bananaly sensational sartorial choices.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, I recently posted over at Full Frontal Fashion about my need to resurrect my fave Bjork accessory of the mid-90s: REEBOK INSTA-PUMPS.

Seriously. SERIOUSLY!!! With black black tights and lil mini dress?! I WANT I NEED I MUST HAVE. Anybody got deadstock somewhere?! HOLLA!


brodie said...

In Iceland, our three main exports are fishing, dragons and screaming.

Tavi said...

AHHHHHH that another cover is KILLIN me.
also i'm going to pretend it's by bea SEINFELD.
as if this whole situation even needs improving.

Leah said...

love her, definitely agree on the unique fashion front. it's rather disappointing and so true.

David Henderson said...
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David Henderson said...

Skeyti fyrir Björk (et. al.): Ég elska tónlist og skrýtinn stíl. "White Lightning", þú ert ekki of slæmt heldur.

A message for Bjork (et. al.): I love your music and your strange style. "White Lightning", you are not too bad either.

Marcela A. said...

Oh, Björk <3

I love it when we see celebrities being fashion forward without blatantly using their sexuality. Going for the sex route is such an easy and cheap way to be controversial nowadays..not that I don't love me some Lady Gaga et all. But the sex thing gets old so quickly, IMO.

Becca Jane said...

those paper garments are amazing! amazing. Bjork is always interesting to watch - she is so refreshingly different

laia. said...


sofi moukidou said...

love that post! so inspired!

fashiongrunge.com said...

i love her. i'm going to be in iceland in a few weeks and I'm looking forward to listening to her my whole trip.

Bantik said...

If I was rich and famous( and had lots of redcarpetevents) I'd wear stuff like that..definitely.

Amber Blue Bird said...

she is definitely her own person

Ross said...

Shit this is amazing. I've been listening to Bjork all week, and as I type Earth Intruders is blasting my eardrums into oblivion. Love Bjork. She's like if a kitten swallowed an alligator.

sofi moukidou said...

me again! check my blog out! i've got a surprise for you!!!

carlygarza said...


that is all.

Michele said...

Bjork is the most amazing creature to ever have walked this planet. You should check out the video for "Katta Rokkar" on youtube. In the video she's wearing a leather dress with some kickass sneakers YESH

Anonymous said...

Love those sneakers



blue said...

yes I have 2 pAIRS.
I FOUND them yesterday in old bag!WOre them to the gym . And they still managed to pump up ,amazingly .

SOFIA said...


Miss Bladder said...

They are called Reebok Pump Fury. I know this because my boyfriend refuses to wear any other trainer. He has them in every colour way imaginable. It drives me nuts. He gets them off of eBay. I call them clown shoes.

sarah kitten said...

The video of Bjork singing at McQueen's memorial service is insane. Completely chilling. She is a goddess.

lady sélénite said...

I love Björk, she's so from outer space, like I need to be too !

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