gang of five

Soho House was gracious enough to have me host a lil dinner for my favorite Ladies Who Blog: Jane (Sea of Shoes), Zana (Garbage Dress), Laia (Geometric Sleep), and Tavi (Style Rookie).

I wore a lil metallic number that I thrifted in Portland LAST summer:

A kimono sleeve, double Scorpion rings, NARS Dragon Girl (to match my laundry cart, doy), and my old OLD thrifted vintage NINE WEST mid-90s clompers

SIDENOTE: I bought them 5 years ago. NOW you all love a chunky heel..but back then I once heard Candy Pratts Price talk shit abut them! At a Marc Jacobs show! TRUE STORY!

SO thank you MISS ALDRIDGE, for saying they are Margiela-esque. YOU UNDERSTAND ME.

A veritable SHOE ORGY. Demuelemeester, Alaia, Wang, Miu Miu. ( I wore vintage...didn't get the memo. OOPSYDOOPS)

Oh HI, were you taking our pictures? We were just standing here, talking about important world issues. It's all very casual.

Had apoplectic FITS over Jane's Alaias (oh and CHANEL BAG). I mean..sorry world.

It was the most fun I have had all NYFW.


laia. said...

hostess with the mostest.

Cara said...

Haha I love Tavi's grin in the last picture!
Chunky heels are the best. Ever.

Dee said...

I spy Tavi's miu miu clogs. You guys turned me on to the whole clog situation, now I own one pair of regular clogs and a pair of clog-like wedges. So thank you.

Denno said...

that dress is perfection and you are all so darling

Christina Catherine said...

I dig your slightly longer bangs! It's such a subtle change but looks a little less 'cute' than shorty bangs.

It's hard. I compulsively cut my bangs AND I'm pretty attached to my eyebrows.

melina bee said...

your velvet jacket rules, so versatile and plush

Unknown said...

oh! you look so fabulus!

the 90s will never die said...

Your shoes are the best out of all of them :)

east side bride said...

your hair is looking TERRIFIC.

AFitz said...


I dont even care that much about fashion week. i just want to see you wall

WESTYLE said...

looks like so much fun....shoe pic is amazing...all so different yet so cool

Teresa Halminton said...

Thank you! I hope to see more updates from you.
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