Harmony Korine for Proenza Schouler

It's the Friday before Labor Day! Summer is over! Um..yeah right. It'll still be swelter skelter here til like mid-October, who are we kidding?

Let's spend this "last" day of summer discussing the more important things in life, namely Act Da Fool, a film by Harmony Korine for Proenza Schouler's FW2010 line.

It was made in Nashville, where HK lives, and features a buncha bad ass girls drinking 40s, writing COKE on dumpsters, giving the finger...being generally rowdy. Wearing all PS (styled by Mel Ottenberg! WIN), filmed with the hazy blurred lens of a video camera that has got to be from the late 80s, with a voice over about sorta random stuff..I mean it's a THING, for sure.

I did not love it upon first viewing.

But, as I reviewed my screencaps, what really resonated with me was how HOT the clothes looked on girls with a real SITUATION happening in the chest and ass area- they all look AWESOME in these clothes. I really think so.

I think I wish this was a fashion editorial or photography show or book- The stills made more sense to me, or at least that was what I enjoyed the most? When I look at them as pure images, it seems like a really visually interesting juxtaposition of people and place for a Proenza collection. 

I love all parties involved, but as a film, it didn't make me swoon. As photographic stills, I really dig it.
But judging by Twitter, I seem to be alone on this!

What do you think about it? Tell me, tell me, tell me!!


meagan said...

i like the aesthetics, the beauty, the choice of models, and the styling.

but i need to process my feelings about the sociocultural implications of this. it feels very exploitative, on first digestion.

H said...

Yeah you hit the nail on the head, totally agree with you.

Sunshine said...

My biggest fashion peeve is blurry/black&white/'artistic' fashion photography. Just sell me the effing clothes.

But I think her narrative is compelling and beautifully delivered.

the 90s will never die said...

I think my head just exploded.

I feel like I should hate this on principle (like, using his entire film-ethos to sell clothes? wtf man) but I can't. The cinematography is incredible, and somehow the clothes even feel like
part of the landscape. I wonder what he personally thought about doing it though? Like did he see it more as advertising, or as art?

I wrote this term paper on him and exploitation vs. cinema verite last semester for this film class I took. Now I'm trying to think about how this would have fit in. Probably would require a whole separate paper of its own.

zeeta said...

It was an interesting short film but it didn't seem like a 'fashion film'. I usually like the 'artsy' stuff (I thought the use of the 80s video camera was pretty wicked) but it kind of shifted the focus away from the clothing and more on the girls and their 'story'. In most cases that would be good enough but this film was supposed to be focus on the clothes. I agree that it would be better, considering the purpose of the film, if the images were just photo stills.
But the dialogue kind of hit a chord with me because, even though we (the girls and I) come from totally different backgrounds, I am still a moody teenager who just wants out of my 'boring' little town, although for different, more 'selfish' reasons.

lolo dahling said...

Wow! That is a lot to take in...
I love it in an artistic, real, raw sense. On it's own..as a short...but as a presentation for a collection??!! No fucking way!!! It would of been cool if it was purely a HK film with him asking PS to do styling and when presented it was like.."oh yeah, by the way, PS provided the clothing" But for PS to be presenting their collection in this way makes nooooo sense! How are you going to put this ART in an environment it doesn't belong!!!!? If PS feels like their clothes are for everyone than they should drop their prices...because I do all right for myself and I still can't afford their shit (I mean that in a good shit way)!! Is it all for controversy?...well I'm sure..
Maybe it is all over my head but that is the way I feel...ahhhh breathe..it's all out now...

Jade said...

I loved it, because they showed the story behind the collection, i guess...
but watch this maybe it'll change your mind, it made me like the video more lol....
Jack & lazaro talkin' bout' da video and some other shit but mostly the video


Ross said...

The clothes look so much more.....more real, more special, much more cultured, more impactful in this video than in the runway presentation.

Sam Harvey said...

it is poetry. oh the hair...

Bea said...

Harmony totally freaks me out, and not in a good way. I attempted to watch Gummo and I just couldn't stomach it, as much as I love Chloe. I haven't tried to watch Kids yet but I think I need to get a little older. Never thought I'd say that, but his films really do hit a chord in me that I can't handle quite yet.
That being said, I love the poem in the video but prefer the film stills as you do.

Unknown said...

Harmony in the NY Times about this video: "I used to hang out with this gang of black girls that were really hardcore delinquents, and I always loved them. Sometimes we would walk home from school and I would just watch them like set stuff on fire. Some of them would sleep in tree-houses and things. I used to always just think they were so terrific." UGH, HK is lamesville, using exotic brown girls on display to sell clothes that the designers clearly do not market to. Like Meagan, I find the sociocultural references on display here problematic. However, like Elizabeth, I believe that girls NOT shaped like 12-year-old boys should also be allowed to wear fancy clothes.

mara said...

i totally agree with meagan on this....the clothes are beautiful and the filming style is captivating but....


In a gallery far, far away... said...

Its better than trash humpers.

Haute Muslimah said...

Strange, but awesome. I like how the film was just keeping it real. I like that.


Colleen said...

i think this is pretty freaking cool

18milesperhour.com said...

too over-stylized. standing around beating tires with sticks? It's a city kid's lame, condescending view of what the "rest of the country" does in their spare time.

im said...

the idea is great but the execution just wasn't that great. it seemed like they were over-thinking everything. Why were they beating tires with sticks? Really, that just looked dumb.
But the narration was beautiful.
this would be better with my eyes closed.

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