Have iPhone, Will Travel: SS11 Randomz

It's back! The weekly photo cleanout. Withou further ado, here is the superdupes spesh fashion week edition! All photos, as always, taken with my iPhone4.

Has it only been a week? It feels like 50 years, at least.


Unknown said...

amazing. very very jealous! Love the doodles:)

electric fringe

Cara said...

Hahahaha (at doodles. I'm easily amused)

Amber said...

love the photo in front of the graffiti wall

the chic addict said...

I always love your pictures. I hope fashion week was wonderful!


Tanya Bermudez said...

So fun! Big time jealous :P


fille de l'émeute said...

The graffiti wall is great. Stick figures puking ice crystals are like complete perfection to me. Love your necklace btdubs. I also love your doodles, especially the sleepy soda.

fille de l'émeute said...
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jenn. said...

'pretzel wearing a hat' and 'angry ketchup packet' are definitely the highlights!

jenn. said...
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Anonymous said...

love the eyes in the first image!
- Matea


Anonymous said...

Love your name necklace. I'm obsessed with anything with my name (or initial) on it!


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