i went for it

On Sunday before the LadyBlogz dinner at Soho House, I ran out to see a few presentations in the rainy grey day. I may have been inspired by Mr Mukamal, and went for a RED IS RED sort of look.

Vintage green cotton parka, vintage red dress, American Apparel red tights, Isabel Toledo for Payless mary-janes.

Oh right. Yeah..I did it.

I know I ranted a bit about how the ugliest ones (these, here, on me) are the only ones available in the States, but I went to see them in person and I thought they were quite cute. And maybe I will still do something to the sole? Who knows, crafternoons just APPEAR sometimes!

To paraphrase the great David Cassidy...I think I love them, so what am I so afraid of?


Unknown said...

Hello there dear :) wanted to let you know I really like the way you post your photo's (the 'computer-like-picture-in-a-picture-way')
gtrz, Poppy. x

Fashion's Religion said...

I just got your email and I'm delighted to know that you would marry me. Haha. You're the best. The shoes perfection. I'm actually quite jealous that I'm a guy and I can't wear heels. Whatever, Bryan Boy does!

Stay well


Sam Harvey said...

this would be great with deviled eggs with extra paprika. honey dew i love to see your gorgeous face! i do like the new look on your heading.

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