Lemme get Closer: Fave Details, NYFW

Oh hey, don't mind me- just here agonizing over the details from NYFW. I have a deep intense love for detail shots!!! They make the obsessions so much easier, everything is RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACE

Currently freaking out over:

1.Proenza Schouler: Mega-jangles, webby fabric, neone-and-brown-leather bag

There is so much to like about the PS show, but what is not to LOVE INSANELY about these things?!?!? Where did this badonkers jangle scene come from?! I want it! It looks like art my parents had in the 80s. SO ERTÉ! And nothing appeals to my interest more than bags with 2 ways to carry, and brown leather with neon. LOVE MUCH!

2. Bibhu Mohapatra: Super circle sunnies

Well. These are certainly PERFECTION, now aren't they?!?! If you ever wanted to look slightly insane and bug-eyed (I DO, I DOOOO), then these are for you (me). I am glad the universe (Besides Karen Walker) is fanlly catching up to PERFECT CIRCLE FRAMES again, they are all I want to wear!!!

3. Oscar de la Renta: Giant scrunchy pink jacket

Would wear with my vintage Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls dress and old brown boots and fel lke a million bucks, trust.

4. Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte: Wood and Ming vase print (??) and wood and crazytown wedges

These are a no brainer. They are also completely unattainable. But ever since I declined to buy the Miu Miu baroque wedges of FW06 (worst move EVER, self!!) I have been craving a carved up heel! These are that and really then some. The wedges look..dare I say it..fairly walkable?!? 

5. Jeremy Scott: Bodega bag tank

I am 2 seconds away from crafternooning this shit. It would involve a pair of scissors and a humidity-free day. I THINK THIS RULES!

6. Alexander Wang: Geisha Timberland toe boots

I mean they are sort of god awful but I can;t help myself, I am really liking the pinky salmon pair. I am a sucker for the least feminine shoes life has to offer.

7. Alexandre Herchcovitch: patterns and colors and balloon sleeves

I just have a distinct feeling that my life would improve about 600% if I owned this dress. I could probably find a decent facsimile in the thrift store- sometimes those African situations have this sleeve- and maybe I will just get QUILTY on it and square some shiz all over. LOVE the colors, LOVE the shape, LOVEEEE the glasses- negs points for the thumb glove (wah wahhhh)

8. Philip Lim: Shclogs (shoe clogs?)

He kinda out-Comey'd Rachel Comey right here. Pretty fucking covetable (please see my explanation as to my shoe taste in #6).

I couldn't even add Chris Benz in here, because the pictures were too many for one of a list! He deserves his own post of love explosions. 

What was on your list of LEMME GET CLOSER?


sofi moukidou said...

wow! love this post! love them all! esp the alexander wang pink boots!!!

Fat Aus said...

those sunglasses are basically everything i want in the world right now

Sam Harvey said...

shclogs. why is blogging so much more grafifying that fb? more birds of a feather i suppose...angle of repose going on here.

Amber Blue Bird said...

Digging those glasses, i might need ti hunt down a pair for mysel

brodie said...

P.Lim read my mind.

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

i am really dying over those kirkwood for rodarte shoes. they are insane.

melina bee said...

dude, I love your tastes. Those Rodarte shoes are like mini art histories for your feet

Emily said...

way too many things i'm obsessing over in this post!! the plastic bag is perfect.


meagan said...

in love with the sunnies.

little moon lover said...

proenza schouler keep amazing me.. I love those guys.. and the sunglasses are awesome.. but those shoeclogs.. I honestly think they're horrible..
I just found your blog, it's great, I'm following... ciao!

Suzanne said...

I wish Nikolas Kirkwood was my best friend, then I could pop by his house whenever I wanted to and drool all over his gorgeous designs...dream

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