List of Love: Prada S/S11

Oh oh oh, this season is really full of some seriously DELIGHTFUL stand-outs isn't it?!? I have a giant file, getting bigger by the day, of all the things that are making me giddy for Spring/Summer 2011, and we have not even begun Paris! O HAPPY DAYZ.

Anyone else start squealing at their computer screen when they looked through Prada?..Anyone?

Reasons you need to love love love live and die by it love it:



This is my kind of a mix. Stripes with ruffles and fur and wedges and prints and a sombrero. And everything is Japanese cotton. And I feel like it should al smell like suntan lotion. I cannot WAIT to go fondle these wares in person (creepy?)



BA-NAY-NAY PRINTSSSSS!!!! Sheeeiittttt..gotta love this. I have been dying for a good bananer print since the Chloé-by-Stella-McCartney banana days, I STILL regret never getting any of that!

Also: Miuccia wearing BANANA EARRINGS! If this was old school Rachel Zoe days, her head might explode: "I die, the bananas are BANANAS, I mean BANANA EARRINGS ARE BANANAS! I die, banana BANANAS. I wish she made BANDANNAS, THAT WOULD BE REALLY BANANAS" Sorta miss those days.
Ok..I'll stop.

....BANANAS! Ok. Reeally. I'm done.

3. SUNGLASSES FROM THE HEAVENS (Orange you glad I didn't say banana?)

PRADA S/S2011 

I already posted a pic of these, but they need to be seen again, and the other styles need some ogling as well. One of the things that really floats my boat is that the curlicue frames give you as perma-eyebrow raise, so you can walk around town always lookin like yr amused by the hoi polloi. GZEEENIUS, MIUCCIA!



Prada made my favorite shoe!!! Mr Noisy's swirly stompy wingtips! IT'S A CHILDHOOD DREAM COME TRUE! Swear to Gaga, I always thought these were the coolest ever, and I have been looking for a reasonable facsimilie for most of my life...I can't believe I found them. You and me Miu, I feel yr references, i FEEL them.

I can't get over how every season she makes me freak out with glee. EVERY. SEASON.

For the love of Pete, someone bring me an ice water and a handsome man with a palm frond, I am spent. I may need a fainting couch too.


Cara said...

I die aswell.

Unknown said...

what i liked most is the first union (colors, stripes e.t.c.)!
p.s. check my blog out, i've got something for you! kisses!

Sarah said...


I think they are everything I ever dreamed of, rolled into one very happy foot.

Now I just need some crocheted cream-coloured ankle socks, possibly with blue ribbons, to be popping out of that laced up peep-toe and I'm in HEAVEN.

You made my day!

Sarah xx

Anonymous said...

Those swirly shoes remind me of the swirls in the clouds in Hercules! Which is another bonus to those already awesome shoes =]


Megan said...

At first I didn´t think I was so into the collection, but after seeing your take on it I think I may have changed my mind. And now I am just holding my breath for Miu Miu.


Amber said...

those shoes are crazy cool but I would be the klutz to topple over in the,

AngieMontreal said...

Gah...I also freaked out when I saw the collection. All this talk of minimalism was making me nervous... I'm not really a straight up minimal kind of girl! Modern on the other hand, modern I can do, and no one does modern like Muiccia!

Hanna said...

OMG I love this post! The shoes are so stunning! I wanna have it! And I also want to have some crazy sunglasses like in this post!


emily said...

you are cute. that is all.

Anonymous said...

I feel like you should have said "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?" but apart from that I 100% AGREE WITH EVERYTHING.

Especially the shoes. They are amazing!


White Lightning said...

AMY, FOR YOU I MOVE MOUNTAINS...yr right. much better. I CHANGED IT!


Unknown said...

I loved everything about this collection, and so, of course, found this post to be fantastically great.

Wholesale Flea Market Items said...

This one seems to be an interesting one to take a look at. I think that it would be an interesting one to have a good look at some of the stuffs. They do look quite colorful and that's the thing I loved the most about this collection.

Colleen said...

Your sense of style is great. I see things at thrift stores and i'm like "WHITE LIGHTNING WOULD TOTALLY LOVE THIS." you know, things that are colorful, loud, and quirky.

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