Musical Appreciation: Das Racist / Return to Innocence

Am I the only one that doesn't mind waking up to rainy days? I have no idea why, since the it's the kind of weather that isn't exactly kind to my particular look but whatevs. I like it!

Good headphones weather. Good Das Racist on your headphones weather.

If you've followed this blog in the past 2 years, you know I have deep love for Das Racist. 
I dig weird dudes who can rap, what can I say. (When the Time Out Most Fashionable New Yawkers issue came out and I was next to Victor on the first page, I was sorta beside myself with glee. Sad but TRU.)

But my nerd alerts aside..this song feels right today for walking around and getting a little wet, which is going to happen to you today so just give in to it.

BTW did you get Sit Down, Man yet? IT'S FREE.

Any dudes that sample/cover ENIGMA deserve all the fame that they can get... Not only did I have the cassingle, but that episode of My So-Called Life that ends with Return to Innocence always makes me cry. WINS all around!


Alison said...

I too walked around in the drizzle listening to this song today. I love it how he sings the "II II II II II OO II EE OO II EE OO" part. It's so awesome that peoples brains come up with this stuff.

Jenny said...

I love how you brought it back full circle to my so called life. how are you so cool?

Teresa Hamilton said...

It's sad that the video is no longer exist. Thank you for sharing.
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