SS11: Karen Walker

Karen Walker is consistently one of my favorite designers, hands down. She is certainly tops at the sunglass game (she is a fellow Perfect Circle Frames enthusiast and for that I SALUTE HER. And wear her frames often, doy).

Her runway presentation Tuesday morning was light and bright and full of printy mixiness. Here are a few of my favorite looks, snapped from my seat!

Mustard, Periwinkle, CAPITAL LETTERS ORANGE and sunshine yellow, combined with taupes and navies and prints prints prints.

Oh and what about the SHOES? I had to go backstage to see them closer; Kat and I were freaking out over them throughout the whole show.


A platform creeper loafer! Please and thank you, Ms Walker!!!!

Look.. I made a video of the finale! I do it because I love you guys.


Poetry in motion, y'all.


Katherine said...

monochrome. orange. pantsuit.

i need it. more than i thought was possible

Sunshine said...

dying over that little blue number w the hat and cabbage rose pants

greatest friend said...

love the floral capri & seeing bright yellow makes my eyes sparkle. yay the fellow new zealander ;)

laia. said...

so MANY things i NEED in my life.

Bunny Darke said...

I've only recently discovered your blog & I'm loving it. The 1st dress on this post is sooo stunning. Grey and yellow FTW.

Cara said...

OMGOMGOMG the creeper loafer! I am having a heart attack here.

Oh God, those priiints. Are. Amazing.

Isabelle said...

Oof, those platform loafers made me lose my breath. And I'm lying in bed.

I will have those shoes.


Viki said...

I love it! I'm too jelous!! it's incredible that these pictures were shooted by you! ahahhaha


Fueling Unicorns said...

full skirts = YES!

also did you notice the proliferation of round/circle glasses lately ? I admit I may need some.

Jazzi McG said...

really amazing! all the white looks on the runway are SO not happening for me (my outfit would be doused in makeup and food stains by 12pm) so I'm really excited to see some great prints and color combos. I think mustard just may be my power color, so this is perfect. and a platform creeper loafer - shit, no words. sad I missed you in NYC, but hope all is well!

Unknown said...


Bantik said...

Platforms!!! soo gooood. ( the only 'high' shoes I can walk in are platform. j'adore)

Captain Special K said...

The shoes are a collaboration with Beau Coops designer Carrie Cooper. You should check out her stuff too. Very affordable which is a refreshing change.

Sam Harvey said...

i am diggin the orange and blue. i am making a sam harvey bag with those exact colahs. that is so awesome that you were there!

jenn. said...

the full yellow skirt made my heart skip a beat. and so perfect with the simple grey tank (and the shoes).

Anonymous said...

something of interest for you


hlb said...

the yellow skirt! oh the yellow skirt. and the creeper loafers!!

love hayley x


Unknown said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE her sun glasses collections! her chunky retro styles for SS11 are just awesome! I totally agree that she rocks!

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