SS11: Rachel Antonoff

Rachel Antonoff's presentation was in an incredible townhouse in the west village which had been transformed into a dream.... SLUMBER PARTY TAKE OVER!

The usual cute cutie cute frocks that Rachel does so well, and some red shorts that are PER-FECK-SHUN:

S'mores, model's own.

There was a debut of RA's collab with Bass, which I need to have now, I can't wait until spring! Penny loafers with heart shaped penny slots!!!! And patent leather saddle shoes WITH HEELS!

Oh Rachel, get outta MAH HEAD.

My head was exploding. I have always shied away from saddle shoes, feeling that really..those days are over for me. But..with a heel..that makes them AOK, right???

Here is Rach, cuter than cute:

And also! I got to meet a blogger friend for the first time IN PERSON, Rebecca The Clothes Horse, whose blog I have long followed and admired. She is just as lovely as you would imagine.

Hi Rebecca!

I wish I could still get subway tokens to put in these heart slots!!!!


Unknown said...

looks like heaven on earth.

Amanda said...

Love the ouija! hehe :)

brodie said...

by my own admission i don't know much about fashun, but i do know about Rachel Antonoff and i know i luvvvv her and her summa summa summa/springtime vibes. also, anyone who uses s'mores, ouija boards and BSC books as props is fine by me!
ps- the reflection of you in the "model in da shower" picture might be my new fave. cryptic self-portrait.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

I....I'm sorry. I wanted to post something intelligent, but I think my brain just burst at that photo of the girl in the tub. What the FUCK, I want to live in that bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isabel said...


John Jannuzzi said...

omg best day ever. best shoes i ever sawr.

the 90s will never die said...

oh my God I am not entirely sure what this is but it is fucking perfect. Can I please move into that apartment immediately? With that tub? The marshmallows??? Fashion needs to be presented like this more often.

darbie said...

blanket forts!!! i need more of those in my life.

and i would also like a pair of the cutie saddle shoes.

lisa said...

The patent high-heeled saddles have me quivering with anticipation. Spring 2011 can't arrive soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Hold up. Was that a BSC book? Holy awesome. Amazing taste in clothes AND books!?

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