SS11: Rebecca Minkoff

Must Have Minkoff Madness:

1.This grey lady cross body top handle bag

2. These animal print ponyhair beauties

3. Anything and everything that comes in this blush-colored scribble print. Really really want this PERFECT SLOUCHY JACKET!

I will wear them all together, obviously.


Cara said...

That jacket is so perfect <3

Anonymous said...

I want it all, looks great!

Rachel Clark said...

oooh they're preettyyyyy.

trix miami said...

jacket and embroidery are beautifullll...also, lovely grey bag.

Sam Harvey said...

just wanted to let you know that i love your ankle boots you are wearing out on the town with tavi and your friendlies. that photo just made my whole week! you rock it!

Nav said...

Those little boots are soo cute!



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