This would have been a perfectly respectable (not to mention FLATTERING!) strapless beef curtain*.


I want to reserve this look for my wedding day. Hair and all.
Too much? Ok, ok..I'll skip the feather mohawk..happy now?




Viki said...

it's too cool! I think the same about fishnet tights but her hair is awesome, and the second outfit is just amazing!
My question is, was it real beef? hahaha :)


Jennie said...

I don't get the meat get up...it's just minging!

Paul said...

An experienced, childless friend of mine used to claim that fishnets were the best contraceptive. She stopped wearing them and has now got three kids.


Isabel said...

EWWWW, the meat dress makes me want to barf and commit suicide at the same time.

melina bee said...

I love both outfits, most because her hair goes so great with those colors. the meat shoes rule.

fille de l'émeute said...

I seriously love Lady GaGa. I'm loving the feather mohawk, I'm loving the Alexander McQueen shoes, I'm loving the regal-effect that comes with wearing the second outfit. And I love love love the meat outfit. But it would have been better without the fishnets.

fille de l'émeute said...

Actually, I take that bit about the meat outfit back. It's nauseating now that I've been looking at it for more than five seconds. Ugh.

Psyched and Such said...

I never get to give Cher my meat purse.

Sunshine said...

dude keep the feather mohawk, lose the blue tips - so played

Unknown said...

haha I love it. unreal. BEEF CURTAINS!!! hahaha

electric fringe

Leah said...

i love the feather mohawk, probs my favorite bit of all her outfits. then again i think there is a time and a place for fishnets...and this may have been one of them.

Elmira said...

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Sheila said...

I saw this and the whole time I kept thinking about Jana Sterbak's "Vanitas" meat dress from the late 80s.


Which inevitably leads me to think of Carolee Schneeman's "Meat Joy" performance from the 60s.

I can't seem to divorce the fact that she is wearing something that, to me, is not shocking at all, given my background in art history and the women's feminist art movement.

That said, most everyone else was shocked and delighted/disgusted. Certainly although this kind of thing has been done over and over and over, no one has worn a meat dress to such a public and elitist event before.
To think we were shocked by Missy Elliott's razor blade outfit to the Grammys!

Gaga tops it again.

Ross said...

I feel the feater mohawk need to be worn on your wedding day. i mean, when else are you going to wear it? oh right, EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE!!! I wan that look and I don't even wear skirts. Often.

rosina. said...

Love the second outfit, but COME ON GAGA, the meat dress is not yours!
Some canadian artist did a meat dress, her name is Jana Sterbak. It's not even a cool idea to wear OUT. NOnononono.

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