these are pants

Oh GOD where does the TIME GO?!?!? I hate to have such gaps in the blogitude, and I apologize profusely. I have lots to post and much to add, perhaps tonight from my bed?!

Here is what I wore the first day, I went super casual and sort of..out of my own element?

ALL SMILES! My bangs are so long, I kinda like it?
I cannot stress the perfection of NARS matte lip pencils enough. This is DRAGON GIRL, a personal fave.
This is a cross between my sincere smile and my "awww, you are being SUCH a bitch but I will pretend not to notice it!" smile.

Old dirty denim. Thrifted, buttoned all the way up. I never do that, it seemed like a good thing at the time?

I used to collect these kinda of totes- old, almost burlap-y, with rough Egyptian screenprints on them. I have 3 or 4. Someone told me once that these were the souvanir bags they sold at like, the pyramids in the 70s and 80s...is that true? I have no idea.
Even though I kinda barf at the site of a totebag these days (sooo over it), I still like to use these every once in a while!


I saw Lynn Yaeger this day and she told me these were not pants. And that my shirt was sorta like a short dress. So really, I was cheating. SHE IS PROBS RIGHT, but I still say..I WORE PANTS!

Do we want to discuss my shoes? Because I am totally open to it.
I really think these are fucking rad.
If you remember, I thrifted them in Oregon.

I just saw that Manolo Blahnik is reissuing his version of these.

I stand by this: high heeled Timbs are sorta dope as hell.
You maybe want to find some!!!


Stefanie said...

JEEEEEEEZ your bangs look really good.

Kimster said...

High heeled Timbs *are* friggin' awesome! I have some and am looking forward to breaking them out in a few weeks! :)

ita darling. said...

I just scored some high heeled miu miu chukka moc hiking boot things on the 'bay this summer. for like $55 bucks! they are so killer, i have no idea why no one else was clawing my digital eyes out to buy them too... i wish i could send you a picture..

PS like your bangs longer, you look vixen-y-er.

Panty Buns said...

The colours and design on those pants is beautiful and the bag is great too. Love your blogger profile with pic and expression in the first photo

Side Street Style said...

Ooooh love this offbeat casual outfit.....really great and those pant/leggings are super cool :)

Laura x

Sylvia Etc... said...

love how you break the all denim look with your beyond colourful legg/pants/-ings ... really into your heeled timberlands!


In a gallery far, far away... said...

Do they have:
1. a button
2. a zipper
3. pockets
4. belt loops

I demand to see photos of the top of your pants.

Megan said...

Your bangs look cute long! I like.

Devonately said...

Leggings = pants. My roommates and I always get into fights about this because apparently "I don't wear pants..." I'm totally on your side.
Great boots.



Lex said...

I wish Lynn Yaeger would scold me about wearing leggings as pants.

My personal philosophy on leggings is, if whatever top you're wearing covers your butt and frontbutt, you're okay. Maybe this is a bad attitude to have?

susie said...

I saw some pointy toed classic-Timberlands-turned-into-pumps just like yours, only with a low vamp, only a few lace holes, and a KITTEN HEEL at a consignment store. I wanted them so much but they were just too small. Also, they were by Junya Watanabe, so I think this makes yours totally legit. That's how my logic works.

lolo dahling said...

I just got the NARS matte pencil in Dragon Girl as well and am absolutely OBSESSING over it!! The best color EVER, to start and it stays on like...forever!!! (and doesn't suck all moisture out of your lips!!) Perfection! Was going to do a post on it this coming week!! And as always...your style rocks!!...


Isabel said...

This is the best outfit ever. Even Baby Lynnie can't top this shit.

Evy said...

High heeled Timbs are classy and very downlow gangsta at the same time.
I think we can blame JLo for this.
But they are looking good on you so keep wearing them :D


Helen said...

My parents brought me one of those bags from Egypt last year. Hahaha. Might have to dig it out from the back of my wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

Those are the most fantastic, super duper awesome leggings I have ever seen!
And leggings totally don't count as pants =]


April said...

leggings are not pants....by everyone else's standards but mine :)

those are the COOLEST pants ever.


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