Today's Special: Old & New & Vintage & Blue

You know what happens when you completely reorganize and merchandise your own closet? Well if you are ME, you rediscover things from the far dark corners that you haven't seen in so long, they may as well be new.

Enter most of my new favorite outfit, new (again) to me by way of LIFE RE-ORGANIZATION!

Cardigan: thrift
Homemade KAPOW print dress: Melrose flea market, almost 10 years ago!
Rings: double scorpions of unknown origin
Watch: Timex "Heritage" (the only new item, and as you can see to the left and bottom of my content, the current sponsors of White Lightning)

My boyfriend said I look "very American".

Ankle boots: Prada

How insane is this dress?! I imagine it was made by an intrepid amateur tightrope walker, to wear for her audition for Ringling Bros. Absolutely nothing else makes sense.

The boots were purchased at a sample sale a million years ago and I still pat myself on the back for that one- they're comfortable, don't give me cankles, AND they make me tall (all the necessary criteria for an ankle boot).

Bare lip! Sometimes high heels, short dress AND a red lip are too much. You should usually just have 2 of those 3 at one time.

Nail Polish: Essie Bermuda Shorts

I ran into a super snazzy FASHUN FRIEND last week and he was wearing a cardigan OVER a denim jacket, with his watch OVER the cardigan.

I stole his move. It looks kinda rad this way?

Getting a watch is good; since we ditched cable I never know what time it is in the apartment. I also like to look at it and say "Would you LOOK at the TIME?! DELIGHTFUL to see you, but I must be going." It's a classy way to make an exit (even at Duane Reade).



Megan said...

I love that dress and that it is vintage you!


Violet said...

i love every thing you have on! especially the nail polish and the boots. they stil look great for a millin years old lol

Vi from Cali

lolo dahling said...

That dress is AMAZING!! Congrats on your rediscovery of it! xo-LLD


Sam Harvey said...

looking american! i do love the watch that way. no lip stick needed you are right. what kind of car would you drive if you were going to see the leaves changing color tho?

Sarah said...

Loving the american feel. Makes me think... what would be the equivalent glitter-tastic (dare I say it) superheroine-esque dress for EACH COUNTRY? How would england look? Or the netherlands? Or lichtenstein?
Ace ace ace.

Maddie said...

i totally agree, you can only do two of the three although, i admit t breaking the rules some times. I put my watch over my cardagin too ! not I don't feel like such a loser...live the whole look.
chec out my new blog@ shadowsmadeoflace.blogspot.com

nicoleonlywalks said...

*0* The collar of the dress=loveeeee

then the watch over the sleeve= more love!

Gnarlitude Jen said...

i love the timing thing. since we haven't had phones for like 8 months now, we never know what time it is when we're out so the only way we ever know is by checking receipts on all the shit we buy hahaha well it makes me laugh at least

the 90s will never die said...

You have a sponsor now? eew.

brendan donnelly said...

you bustin the charleston brosetta?

wall art said...

Gorgeous x

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Teresa Halminton said...

I love the look! That top is so cute!
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