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A weird and wonderful thing is happening over at ASOS- they are selling a set of Borders and Frontiers tote bags that feature a few faces on them that you may recognize.

WHAT in the WHAT!!! That's me! In what is definitely OLD SCHOOL WHITE LIGHTNING! My dearly departed Canon Powershot AND my Yokoo bow & cowl, which she sells as a set now (and is called The White Lightning combo!!!).

I am lucky enough to be featured along with Susie, Tavi, Queen Michelle, and Fake Karl. All incredible bloggers that I have followed for years (and you have too, of course).

They all look pretty cool, I can't lie. And they are cheap! I also have deep apreesh for the fact that all of us gals are rocking a deep fringe, loverly.

I hope I see someone out and about with one of these...

I mean, I'm just saying. (Just looks so NATURAL, doesn't it?)


Isabel said...

Amaaazing! COngratulations, Elizabeth. Hope the fame monster picks up on this one.

Agent Lover said...

DYING OVER THIS. So amazing!! Congrats girl!!!

Unknown said...

wow they are cheap! I live in the UK so picking one of these up is gonna be easy - plus they have free P&P ('cus I'm a cheap skate)

Unknown said...

They're amazing! You must feel very privelaged!
Reckon we'll see the Gaga strolling round with one anyday now!!
Lovely blog :)


Cara said...

Yesss that would be epic for the Gaga machine to wear one.
Ahh, I MUST own one! But which blogger? Mmmm...

the 90s will never die said...

That is amazing! That picture of you is so good, and I've always loved that picture of Tavi.

brodie said...

M-Ron has never looked more natural!
I'ma get one and putt all my junk inside of you.

Megan said...

Conrats, you look amazing. BTW Did you know that yesterday was 09/02/10?


Anonymous said...

The bag is awesome but holy moly I love the bow!

p.s. you look adorable =]


Tess said...


Teresa Halminton said...

Wow!! It's great to hear!
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