Birthday Tribute: Jody Hill

Happy Birthday to Jody Hill, current White Lightning supercrush and huge part of the genius behind Eastbound & Down and The Foot Fist Way.

He's like a smart funny blonde long haired Southern surf dreamboy. Before I met him I asked Hunter if Jody smelled like coconut shampoo...if that tells you anything about what it's like inside my head. (Hunter: What is wrong with you?)

Speaking of which: Last week Hunter & I met up with Jody and Danny McBride and crew to have drinks (and drinks, and shots, and shots, and drinks...) to celebrate Season 2 of Eastbound & Down AND Hunter's Eastbound cover story for Vice (go get one!!!).

Somewhere around my 6th tequila shot this happened:

For the record, I never smile in pictures,  it makes me look "simple"...so I mean what in the WHAT?! Nerd alert over here.

Oh and also? This happened too.

I barely remember this moment so GOOD THING THERE IS PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE.
Hunter is eating his issue, Jody looks like how I felt the next day, and I like how me n Danny McBride are making the same face (we're simpatico, clearly). Crazy night, amazing show, dreamy company (win/win/win).

Surrounded be Southern boys, it's my preferred way to roll.

Oh PS, to all the girls who tweeted/emailed me about how in love you are with D McBride: he's like a mega girl magnet IRL (SWARMS, really).

PPS Cannot confirm or deny if either of them smelled like coconut shampoo.

PPPS If you were following me on Tweeeter you would have gotten a pretty good play by play of this night IN REAL TIME..JUST SAYING.


em from ohio said...

my boyfriend loves that show!

Angsthase said...

OH MA DAYYYZZ! I just ate the rest of my cereal (yeh, I'm reading your blog at breakfast, playa) like a monster because I had to comment on this. HOLY FUCKING CRAP! THIS IS AMAZING! I AM SO JEALOUS!

Sister Shirley said...

Wait, what??? How did I not get to be you? The universe is so unfair sometimes.

Christina Catherine said...

God...damnit girl, what are you doin' to me?

Funny people are just the best people on earth.

Anonymous said...

Is Danny McBride really replacing Steve Carell on The Office?

l b said...


Isabelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Isabelle said...

I like the smile! More smiles pls

Elizabeth said...

My boyfriend looks exactly like Danny McBride, it's crazy!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

fucking amazing!!!

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