Birthday Tribute: Winona Ryder

Today let's celebrate my personal teenage icon and fellow Scorpio, Miss Winona Ryder.

The best cool girl icon that there ever was, until Chloe Sevs (and shop-lifting, oopsydoops). I think I've seen every movie she did in the 80s and 90s about 6000 times...I say it's a perfect time to bring back 2 of that deserve a little recognition: Bram Stoker's Dracula and Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael.

Watch this whole clip, you have the time. For the record, Dinky Bosetti is pretty much the original Daria Morgendorffer, JUST SAYING. I was OBSESSED with this movie as a kid!!!


Winona Forever.


Isabel said...

Wino forever. My hero!

Althea said...

Loved her since I first saw her

Unknown said...

I love her!
I've been obsessed with her since I was a kid... her movies rock, she's gorgeous and awesome and does things against the law.. what's not to like? haha
loved this post

Tara Rose Stromberg said...

I still have my "Free Winona" tote! :)

I was lucky enough to write the script for her A&E Biography 2 years ago - made me love her all the more!

Stefanie said...

I watched the whole thing because this topic is very important to me. I have never seen that movie though! Brb renting it

jesse.anne.o said...

I loved that movie. I never understood why it wasn't that popular.

Also, LUCAS.

TobyOliverDean said...

I wanna be weird like Winona <3

chelsey. said...

welcome home roxy carmichael was on before school for a couple of weeks when I was in high school. I watched it every day :).

nicoleonlywalks said...

Winona forever! She was ridiculously beautiful in Dracula. x3

Anonymous said...

Oh Dinky Bosetti!!! I was convinced I COULD be her when I was a youngin'. Hmph.

lillian rachel said...

I just watched beetlegeuse again!! I LOVE that movie and she is AWESOMESAUCE in it!! :)




Totally forgot about this. Going to go home and watch it tonight.

Wholesale Flea Market Products said...

I have seen this a couple of times while I was a kid and I must say that it was indeed a very good experience watching the video again. I must say this is a movie worth watching again and again. Just loved her especially in Dracula.

Colleen said...

oh my god...keanu reeves in dracula. maybe one of the worst english accents of all time. but winona was great!

Paulette said...

I don't remember much about "Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael" except this one line-by Miss Winona, natch--that has served me well thru the ages: It's good to want things."

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