FFF Column: Best of London SS11

In my latest column over at Full Frontal Fashion, I share my superfaves from London Showrooms, a wonderland (to me !) where my favorite designers and collections from London Fashion Week set up camp in teh Soho Grand for 2 days and let us fondle their wares (ew?).

I was elated, because I am a geek like that- I just want to see the stuff UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL-LIKE, ya know?

Here are some more photos than are included in my column..enjoy:

Must have flats.

I fell for this prints in every incarnation- that backpack is destined to be mine !

sidenote: Holly Fulton is my new favorite person; her jewelry, prints, and lunchbox handbag made my day and on topof that she is adorable and just lovely IRL. Almost everyone at the showroom was a pleasure to meet, but Holly is a personal fave!!!

Absolutely STUNNING pieces in person. So original and strange..



Laura (; said...

Oh my gosh! Your Blog is un-be-lie-va-ble!. :)

KYM said...

i suddenly need those atalanta weller shoes in my life,
and maybe holly fulton's sketches.

colleen said...

I've been following your blog for a while and am a huge fan! I just wish this whole post wasn't done with the hipstamatic ap so I could see the true colours (yeahhhh, I'm canadian) of the garments

N to the A to the T said...

wow, these pieces are beautiful! I love the jewellery pieces, they're amazing. Lovely blog!
If you have time, come visit mine. Thankss :)

Dominique said...

Everything is so tribal and geometric! Totally up my alley. I want that brief case, I would never lose it, even in a crowd of people!

TEXTBOOK said...

ughhhh I was so pissed I missed this. Mary & Meadham make my life complete.

dirtbike said...




Dottie said...

these shots are gorgeous, especially the second to last one


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