Girl Crush: Asia Zahm

My current favorite face on the internet is Olivier Zahm's daughter, Asia.

I mean, between Asia and Boo (<----IMPORTANT), my head is dangerously close to exploding about 6000 times a day. The Duhmazing Factor is at an all-time high.

So..when does she start her own blog?

All photos by Olivier Zahm


Doni Brown said...

Those pics are so cute!


Sam Harvey said...

Room service rocks the kazbahs! What's up wl?

laia. said...


Amber Blue Bird said...

the photos are brilliant and she is adorable

Annushka said...

Very beautiful post)))
Nice blog, i like it!!!

Colleen said...

BOOOO!!! This little girl makes me want to have supercool children of my own

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