Giveaway: ALTER giftcard

When I said giveaways every Friday, I meant it! It's technically still Friday, altho a tad late I admit. But this one is worth the wait:

ALTER, the Brooklyn boutique, is giving a spesh WL reader 50 bones to spend as they wish ! You lucky devils. If you don't live in the 5 boroughs, you can still benefit–they take orders over the phone (yaaaay, everyone wins) (ps, they have a store for GUYS, TOO. So EVERYONE join in...!)

In honor of this NYT CMJ slideshow, which is full of the most ridiculous is-this-life-or-is-this-The-Onion band names (NOT counting the The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, of course), please leave your best attempt at a name that would dovetail nicely with such gems as The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (real), Electric Tickle Machine (real) and Podcastle (fake).

Worst (aka Best) wins the gift card!

Now please, leave me a comment that makes my eyes roll with delight.


greatest friend said...

ah.. am i going to be first here? geesh. how about prancebowl, dont cut my finger, hark the holistic hornz, or crumbling dive bone. there i did it. did i cheat? i couldn't choose, only outpour.

WeAreWere said...

Serge Protectors

H said...

Satan's Gumball Machine

melina bee said...

nacho mamma's taco platter

Anonymous said...

Your Eye is My Ashtray.

Lanie said...

Cowboy Indian Bear. Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk. Breathe Owl Breathe.

oldest daughter said...

Internet Boyfriend (girl band)
Tybalt and The Physics
Woo Girl

Jade said...

bunifa latifa harifa jackson

Sophie said...

The Slimy Armpits

meeyeehere said...

The repulsive Barbie's,Sex with Sheep incorporated,Desperatly seeking Lumpy.I don't know

rachel said...

my friend and I have a totally fake band we call glitterfuck, because it was the most ridiculous name we could imagine

Unknown said...

Wolf Brother in Law

Kandahar Pass and the Invisible Smegmas

Snapple and the Ladies (feat. Beastmaster)

And My Mom Is Coming to Visit Tomorrow

Diabolic Discharge

Anonymous said...

Stranger Danger

TuraLura said...

Dracula's Spatula

Isle of Indigo

Now To Allow

Blood & Guts (they would be an acoustic duo, or maybe a rap act?)

And not original to me, but needed to be entered into a fake band name contest: Johnny Throwdown and the Security Men. Steve Brophy, if this one wins, I owe you $50.

Personally, I have been in bands called Mongrel Bitch, Diva Machina, The Body Has A Head, the Snuff Queens...

Vanessa said...

I once saw a listing for a band called Unexpected Bacon.

To this day I still use it if I need to write something with a douchebag band in.

Boner said...

Pat and The Benetards

Tara Rose Stromberg said...

Jizzin Jamal and the Wankerchiefs

emma fern said...

the angry beavers (for a girl band, duh)

zeeta said...

The Creeper-taco Community Band
Penguin Urine Tester
Orchestra for Dummies

Brandy in Ohio said...

The Cranberries' Jelly
Turban Outtfitters
Peace Feed Me

nicoleonlywalks said...

Classy Hipster

Anonymous said...

She Played a Fire Chief

Anonymous said...

skirt sandwich


corazones rojos said...

Cross My Heart Hope To Die

Christina Catherine said...

Champagne Ass Addict

The Dinner Table That Loved No One

airplanesbooks said...

Lets Go to McDonalds

Where'd My Friend Go

Too Many Babies

JuliaMeade said...

Trambled By Turtles ( Actually great band. Lame name)

Cockring as metaphor of my love ( My future jam band)

There's always money in the banana stand ( Dr. Funke's Cover band)

raque said...

If I had a band it would sound like a cross between Puddle of Mudd and Nickel Back. And I would call it Puddle of Back.

Lush Life said...

Outfit Of The Discarded Zodiac.


Anonymous said...

my cat died

chanice said...

Can I Eat Your Pizza Bubble?

Michelle said...

Days of the Unitard Trampoline

Sophie said...

For the record, Breathe Owl Breathe is a fantastic band. And I believe the name is very catchy as well.

Lanie. Jeez.

Unknown said...

Andy's Caterpillar Eyebrows

fille de l'émeute said...

Quimby Ace.
Banana Worm.
Yellow Scorpio.
Mall Altercation.
Leotard Race.
I Had A Moustache.
Faux Beard Folks.
Poisonous Pancakes.
Da Foul Folks.
Jo Mamma.

marianna said...

2 Girls 1 Band

Andrea said...

Weird Beard

princess ella said...

my celebrity crush is doctor phill mcgraw.

Maggie said...

1. starving marie claire
2. why didn't he txt me
3. does my headdress offend you, yeah?

maggiemotor at gmail.com

spectaclealamaison said...

Bad luck ( ....I was the singer somewhere in the eighties )
leather jacket Joe & the stonewashed Willy 's
no more ugly people

carrie said...

Warm Yogurt.

Emily said...

All For Him & Her

Faced With Phantoms

Annie and the Bandages

thinking of these is making me feel guilty and gross

Also I was in a band once called "Power Gold" and our songs were: "All the Dinosaurs" and "Danny Glover, Where Are You?" Nostalgia was a major theme.

MH said...

Gunna Vahm
Ugh God
Howard's Dilemma
The Emotron
Farcial <3 Hoodwink
Retard Strength
Endless Bummer
...all from Philly, and then these guys:

Fourth Grade Security Risk (Baltimore)
Evil Bebos (Nashville)
Argentum Astrum (Knoxville)
Baconwagon (Sweden)

and then..
Pull Off Your Umbros (trashy girl metal?)
Divine Hambro (fake one lady Pixies cover band whose last name is actually "Hambro")

thanks for dealing with this utter obnoxiousness!


Annie Morrison said...

"Basement Computer's Waterfall Screensaver"

"Bright Blue Auras Make Pretty Pictures"

"Free Refills With Purchase"

Sarah said...


the 90s will never die said...

Bacon Mania (a bacon-themed Beatles cover band)
The Raging Hormones (riot grrrl revival)

tamster said...

real bands:

Enuff Z'nuff
Test Icicles
Prefab Sprout
Mr. Mister
Compulsive Gamblers
Gay For Johnny Depp
Cute Is What We Aim For

Mysteriously and Mysticaly Me
Kingdom of the Heavenly Hipsters
I Only Have Three Shirts
Your Face Needs Altering

Dee said...

The Indian Space Painter Experiment (Phase II)

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