Giveaway: Baggu Winners Revealed !

Obvi the best part about a giveaway is..the giving away. This one was hard as haayyyyyellll you guys, so many great costume ideas. But there WERE 2 that just really seemed super SPESH.

Congrats to the 2 winners:

Princess Ella: "My friends and I are going as a pack of Velmas."
Joanna "I'm going as the lady on the label of a Cholula hot sauce bottle"

Such amazing ideas that really touch upon great loves of mine: crime-fighting possible lesbians in knee socks AND delicious hot sauce!!!

Ladies, neither of you have EMAIL ADDRESSES on your profiles (tsk tsk), so email me to collect your prize! If I don't hear from you by the weekend, 2 more winners will be chosen.

I'm gonna do giveaways every Friday, so WATCH THIS SPACE if ya like FREE THANGZ...

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