Herbal Refreshment: Spicy Lemonade

I know this ain't no cookin' blog, but when I tweeted about this delightful new concoction that I have been making at home, people were clamoring for me to blog it.

I AM HERE TO SERVE. For there record, everything here is approximate..I'm not really a perfectionist. It's hard to make this wrong, unless of course you hate spicy things and then you may be very very upset. Are you ready for ginger basil jalepeno lemonade? You are, I know you are.

GET SOME LEMONS. Squeeze about 6 or 7, depending on their size and how big yr pitcher is. I use this glass thing, I got it for 25 cents and the Hester Street fair and it's pretty boss.

Pickiest but most important step: Strain yr lemon juice.

No one wants pits or pulp in there, believe me- I skipped this part once and my bf was like wtf is wrong with this drink, ew. Before I got this little strainer thing (cheap) I just used one of those mesh tea infuser ball things, worked fine, just kinda slow. DO YOUR THING, I WANT YOU TO BE YOU.

Get all the good stuff togeths.

I like a handful of basil, a quarter sized chunk of ginger (grated), and 3/4 of a fat jalapeno sliced superthin on a mandolin (my favorite thing ever, I just want to make paperskinny slices of everything in my kitchen) keeping the seeds.

Throw it all in the pitcher. I squeeze a big glug of Agave in there to sweeten it, but you could add sugar. Whatevs. Fill water to the top and make it cold cold cold.

Warning: This shiz is addictive. I basically bought this basil plant to aid in the ability to make this lemonade every day, if need be. Aces with tequila. Or vodka.

Go forth and drank !

EDIT: if you want it EXTRA SPICY (like, really really spicy)..add about a cup of superhot/boiling water to the ingredients before the cold water- it will make the peppers bloom and get INTENSE..you've been warned!


calivintage said...

holy crap this is the best thing ever. i am forever thankful to you for offering up this recipe because i am totally making this and adding tequila. tonight.

John Jannuzzi said...

I think I know where this came from. HOT DAMN.

brodie said...

You Americanos may not have much need for a beverage like this in a few months, so from everyone in the Southern Hemisphere, where Summer is fast approaching, I say thank you.

Fashion Schlub said...

oh man. i don't know who you are or where you came from, but YOU are now my BEST FRIEND!!! Ginger Basil Jalapeno Lemonade? SERIOUSLY??

Sam Harvey said...

that sounds shit kickin nasty good. i will try when i get home. i am leaving for boston at like 4am. no sleep til brooklyn...

Ashley said...

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Anonymous said...

"Aces" is an excellent expression.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh man, I want to throw a party just so that I can make this!

Girl Can't Talk said...

Delicious. Must give this a shot. I love lemons.

cosmic visions said...

herbal reNOment aka NO i do not want this. I had it before and it was GROSS CAPITAL G.

NobodyKnowsMarc said...

love mc s/s 2011 shoes..!

Anonymous said...

your photos of the process were enticing enough for me..

i've made this three weekends in a row in still sunny san diego.. each with a different "adult spice".. and i love it more every time..

home grown basil and vodka are the kicker at my casa..

love and rockets..

magpie said...

I am adding vodka and will be lounging my vacation away with this lovely concoction- well, with a water gun to fend off my henchman, who will WAAAAAAANT.

I may be in love with you.

Mark Jhonson said...

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