Important: Carin Wester Stateside

Your Tuesday moment of Zen:

They now sell Carin Wester at Urban Outfitters  ! Yay for Amurrica.


Sophie said...

You can also get 25$ off an order of 75$ or more if you enter the code: DAWNOFTHEDEAL !

It works until midnight on 10/29/2010!

Madeline and Sophie said...

Love the brown-ish-orange-ish ones, the bottoms remind me of plastic guns.
Oh, and btw, WL (yes that is what I will call you as if we are on a nick-name-basis), when are you announcing the winners of the baggu bags?

Tony said...

wow i absoloutly love this blog.
ive been reading it for a while and i love your take on style rather than fashion.

im a boy but your feminist views inspired me to write a post called 'masculist v feminist'. check it out you might like it.

lots of love xx,

Jessi Lou, The Chic Addict said...

Amazing shoes. Hopefully I can get my UO discount on them.


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