Important: Has Anybody Seen My Tambourine?

I mean, next year my costume should clearly be the neon yellow student witch uniform from Worst Witch.

This was probably one THE most watched movies in my house for most of the 80s.
Child Fairuza (Midred Hubble!)! Mrs Garrett the Witch Headmistress! Tim Curry Dreamboat Warlock!

God gawd, this is great. Take a minute to take it all in.

Happy Halloween!
Gimme all yr candycorns and no one gets hurt.


Caroline Hulbæk said...

Nice video! :-)
Tjeck my blog http://anewsituation.blogspot.com/

Dee said...

I'd forgotten about this movie. Can't believe I forgot about this movie. Thanks for this.

darbie said...

ha! i posted the same video this morning!

please tell me you own it on dvd. i only have a vhs...and no vcr!!!

must. watch. now.

also...we've been singing the tambourine line all day! great minds.


Jessi Lou, The Chic Addict said...

I totally remember this! Crazy!


Althea said...

I have so completely never seen this movie, and I am fairly sure that my new purpose in life is to watch it entirely.

lauren said...


Colleen said...

what. the. hell.

canvas print said...

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