Musical Appreciation/Time Machine Love: Urge Overkill

Fall 2010 is so heavy on the high school nostalgia trips. I don't know what to do with myself. It's a full on universe celebration of what White Lightning was FOUNDED on: slavish obsession for the music of the 1990s, aka my real life.

To wit:
Two Pavement shows in one week, an upcoming Guided by Voices reunion show at Terminal 5 and I am going to pretend that I wasn't devastated to miss the Matador21 fest in Las Vegas this past weekend.

And TONIGHT, at Noo Yawk City's Mercury Lounge, I am going to celebrate the band that I first saw live in 1994, the first "show" I went to in the city alone with friends (I mean..my mom def picked my up in her station wagon around the corner afterwards) at the dearly departed venue The Academy:


FEAR NOT, YOUNG READERS- that is NOT Christopher Walken in a wig, it is the one and only NASH KATO.

He was fond of tinted lens, and clearly wore it well.

Bee tee dubs, I plan to be up front for Sister Havana. And I will be psyched as hell, just for the record.

PS Thanks to Emily McInnes for making this teen dream happen.


Doni Brown said...

Lucky you! I wanna go too....

Check out my blog

Shannon said...

totes non sequitur but....beards!


Sam Harvey said...

the lead dude is hot in a vietnamese eggroll kind of transparent way. it's like a vacation whichooo.

TuraLura said...

Just this morning I was listening to Positive Bleeding and I thought, The 90s are so back, surely sometime soon someone will mention the rocking-ness that is Urge Overkill. And you nailed it.

Martinis + wraparounds + riffs + loud guitars + giant Caddies + black suits = TOTAL AWESOME.


действительно, ваш блог замечательный!))


AngieMontreal said...

We saw Sonic Youth this summer and Superchunk last month...let the re-hash BEGIN!

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