Press: Village Voice Best of New York

I know I posted this on Twitter & Facebook, but I just want to say thank you (THANK YOU) to The Village Voice for naming me as the Best New York Fashion Blogger (!!!!!!!!!!) in their Best of New York 2010 issue. There are a ton of great NY bloggers and so this blows my mind.

Any kind of recognition is an awesome superthrill, but hometown recognition is especially sweet. Plus this impresses my mom & dad.
Thank you Village Voice and thank you everyone who reads and comments and emails and tweets and facebooks and everything...I hope it's not too barfy to post this kinda stuff.

PS..I started a twitter just for my RSS, if you are so inclined to follow, do so here!


Sunshine said...

So well deserved

Vixen said...

congratulations, you deserved it!

darbie said...

SO AMAZING!!! justin and i are VERY proud.


Paulette said...

Sorry to be late to the party, but I'm just catching up on my blogroll... Congrats! You are the only all-fashion blogger I follow regularly. You're funny, smart, irreverent, and make me aspire to work it, work it, own it, own it....

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