Sisters in Circles: Iris Apfel & Sylvia Weinstock

Top Chef: Just Desserts really ratcheted up the FANTASTIC factor (there is only so much those Iuzzinni sideburns can do) by about 14 millionbajillion points on Wednesday when the glorious spectacles of one Miss Sylvia Weinstock filled my screen.

What a gal after my own heart. Apologies for not having more delicious screencaps of her cake tasting antics on TC, but ITUNES seems to have DISABLED screenshot pix. That's the thanks I get for paying $1.99 I guess (so.un.cool.).

I want to hang out with Sylvia. I want to taste ganache and roll out fondant and drape myself in silks and "funky" jewelry. We'll take the 72nd St crosstown bus together and say "Ach!" a lot to exclaim displeasure at things.
When she declared a peanut butter cookie "ordinary", it felt like the best diss in the universe. 

I hope to the sweet lord above that Sylvia and Iris Apfel are BFF.

Unless of course they were best friends in high schol and had a falling out over an African bead tassel necklace and they never spoke again, even though they have chosen to glide through the universe in matching haircuts and eyeglassses? That would be heart-breaking.

Maybe they're the same person.

Whatever the story, they are true SISTERS OF THE CIRCLE, something I support with all my being. Circle frames for all!!!!!


Isabel said...

Umm, so how long is it until I turn 80??

Sister Shirley said...

The only part of Bazaar worth reading is "Fabulous at Every Age" for 70 years and older.

Maddie said...

I absolutely adore all of your posts ! + where can I get those amazing glasses ?!? just joking....kinda. :):)
check out my new blog @

Christopher Garbushian said...

girl you know i love the circular frames!!!

Becca Jane said...

TC Just desserts is great, but I have to say this was my fave episode too. I loved her glasses!

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