Spring Preview: RODEBJER SS11

Are the Swedes some sort of uber-aesthetic sect of humanity or what?
Acne, ABBA, H&M, Britt Eklund, top streetstyle, Happy Socks, tiny meatballs, IKEA, Dolph Lundgren..I mean, the country is a SMöRGåSBORD (Swedish!!) OF COMELY, STYLISH, AMAZINGNESS. I mean maybe you relax for a second, Sweden, let the rest of us try to feel cool for a minute.

Not a surprise to me that the latest collection to make me say Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat over and over and over again (and try on everything I could in the showroom) is Rodebjer, by Carin Rodebjer (A SWEDE, OBVI!) 
I really think Carin might be superhuman; in addition to a perfect collection of drapey cool-girl pieces, she has shoes, jewelry, a hat and a couple of bags. I really gravitated toward the navy pieces, as well as everything in the sunburst yellow n' orange and this great mustard shade.

It's been a while since i wanted EVERY SINGLE THING I saw in a collection; but that's how I feel about Rodebjer..It feels sorta vintage, sorta new... It all has the quality that makes girls come up to you and ask where did you get that, I need it.

I stayed for so long. I couldn't help myself!!! Here are 2 of my faves (um..already ordered, you best believe) that I had a hard time leaving behind: The Punaluu Poncho and the Manzanillo suede wedges, both in navy blue. Both the softest of the soft, thin wool and suede respectively.

I can't get over how in love I was with everything she had on offer for Spring..don't sleep on Rodebjer, this is TOPS for SS11, trust.

Just gonna walk around like this the whole time to maintain optimum rectangularity, at least I'll be easy to spot in a crowd.


Ema. said...

You forgot the best thing that Sweden has given to the world:

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Aaaahhh I loved this collection so much! The hats remind me of the rings of Saturn and she nailed the colors SO HARD. Kinda came at me out of left field and knocked me on my ass...so to speak.

Becca said...

Love these shots!!! Such a good collection!

Angela said...

gorgeous!! i love love love the capes, the aston pants, and the suede wedges

Dominique said...

This just made me re-think the whole cape concept. It would be cool to have a pattern/picture that expanded with the wing flap!


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