Tiny Icon: Snooki the Pickle Princess

I feel like this is a rare crossover moment where Snooki's Halloween costume could be Lady Gaga's next outfit for like..a Starbucks run. Or to make a deposit at the bank.

This teeny tiny green dream is a shimmering kosher dill chip permanently placed in my heart.


Jenny said...

"a shimmering kosher dill pickle placed in my heart" hahah this is making me laugh. that costume is outrageous! I am inspired to do better next year.


Fashion's Religion said...

I don't care to much for the Snook, but this costume was extremely creative and very amusing. Thank you for sharing.

xox Marcus


NobodyKnowsMarc said...


Ben said...

LOL! Very funny! I think gaga would maby wear that.


drop by and see my blog. comments make my day!

TheShoeGirl said...

I truly love Snooki. Not sure why but I do. Oh how I do...

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