Today's Special: Pretty Green

Still treating my closet like a thrift store, trying to delight myself with old-being-new. At least I can take my winter clothes out now, that will be like a whole new wardrobe..although I have no idea where to put it all?!!

Supergreen Polyester Dress: Thrifted (almost 10 years ago.?!), chopped to mini // Tights: Topshop 120 DEN (the blackest of the flat black) // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 'Snick'

I haven't worn this dress in so long! Wore this to have some drinks and chats with Jane, Judy and Ronnie on Saturday night. Those are some of my most favorite Texans right there. 

As is my wont lately, I will probably wear this outfit for a few more days, oopsy. Of course I wore it with my cheetah coat, which is still riddles with safety pins, and this tiny ermine muff that I use as a wristlet these days, will post pics this week !

For the love of Pete, when will I remember to remove the black hairtie from my wrist for pictures and important activities? WHEN GOD, WHEN?!!!


Anonymous said...

The print on that fabric is beautiful!

Funny how your own closet can be full of surprises.. I love rediscovering old clothes!! :) :)

Jenni said...

This dress is incredible. The print is just amazing!

Sunshine said...

I just did the big summer/winter switcheroo here but I did it too soon! +70F all week now?

that dress is perfect - so glad you bothered to put the narrow border print at the new short hem - I hate when border prints are hacked away permanently. I know the 70s maxi length is tough on a lot of people, but those prints are important!

Brie at DISfunkshion Magazine said...

I'm so excited to see this with the cheetah coat. Wicked.

Mona said...

I just ordered the same pair of JC online! Hoping they are as comfy as they look!

nyc fashion said...

Love the outfit and the colors looks great on you.

brodie said...

Also, I've officially become one of those creepy blog fans who gets emotionally invested in things like outfit posts.
Some would say I crossed that line long ago.

Unknown said...

hay! lovely outfit!
p.s. why did you get out of my followers? did something happen?
please follow me back again(if you want so)!!!

Sylvia Etc... said...

Love your green dress, very Proenza meets Leonard = super-duper amaziiing!!!
can i just say this print would look even more awesome with some neon fluo yellow nail polish, makes me think of a picture of Hanneli with this exact colour combination, if you have the occasion honestly try it.
Love your blog and OMG your wedges, trèèès cool!

Adalgisa said...

I would love to know where you purchased the dress. Such a find!

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Teresa Halminton said...

The dress is so pretty! I like it!
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