Birthday Tribute: Who, Me?

Good grief. it's that time of year again; I got one year older. HOW DOES THAT KEEP HAPPENING?

Good thing I have this to soften the blow:
I mean, freelancing in an office is pretty rad when your friends leave cupcakes on your desk! Thank you, Nadia.
And later: tequila! For it is also the Day of the Dead, and that is MUCH more fun to celebrate.
I hope I get an iPad, some cake and DRUNK.

Shout out to SCORPIO BIRTHDAYSSSSS, whuttt..Happy Day!


Megan said...

No we sip champagne when we thirsty.....

Happy BDay Miss

maggie said...

may you have the happiest birthday ever. found your website a few weeks ago and now i read it every day!

shelbyyy said...


And now I present to you a video of everyone's favorite stoner/pitcher Tim Lincecumm wearing a bowtie.... seriously. Who knew Timmy was so fashionable?


christina of profresh style said...

Happy birthday you gorgeous girl! PS: Loved the dancing video of you on Aldo. You are so adorable!!


Amber said...

Happy Happy birthday....heres to a night with much fun and no hangover

Dalila said...

just love your blog!!!!
now I follow u !!!!!!



On This Day In Fashion said...

Happy birthday! The Style Swami has your fashion horoscope for the year ahead —and it's a good one! :) http://tiny.cc/ehsqe4xi3q

SISA System said...

Happy Birthday.


Stefanie said...


fabulousjunk said...

I hope you get all your b-day wishes! I also hope you drank a lot of tequila and got really drunk :)


Sam Harvey said...

i just sent you a virtual "too legit to quit" t-shirt. hope you like it. happy cake eating!

Jenny Morris said...

im a scorpio baby too...we get a bad rap but i think the appropriate scorpio response to that would be "whatevs yo, they're just jealous."



Nikki S said...

Happy birthday!!!

Cara said...

Happy birthday to Elizabeth!

MH said...

happy bday lady!
tell me you've heard this song..


click the link ("listen to samples") at the bottom to sample the song "Moonshine Mountain" -- i've been thinking about this for months!

Viktoria said...

H b-d ♥

Anonymous said...

Happy happy happy happy belated birthday! I hope it was amazeballs.


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