Can't Wait: Lanvin hearts H&M

The Lanvin x H&M collection is a mere few weeks away. Personally I just want to buy about 50 pairs of the sunglasses and be set for life, but if you watch this funny and weird lil video that they just released, there are a lot of desirables (Hello mustard one-shouldered thing & and giant red necklace !)


I want to say this video is a Lynchian Fashion Comedy. Are you familiar with the genre? 

Top marks for Irina Lazareanu AND Carmen Dell'Orefice cameos !! Ok now GET IN MY CLOSET, Lanvzzzzzzzz 


Doni Brown said...

Nice stills.


Amber said...

getting excited!

Unknown said...

i'm so excited I might wet on the day it comes out. thats gross. but i might.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I feel like Irina just rose from the dead. Where was she for months? I don't know, but I'm loving seeing her again!

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