Demented Love: Grey Ant x Teva

Thank you, Ladies of The Hairpin, for alerting me to the most gleefully puketastic shoe collab I have ever laid mine eyes upon.

Have you ever? I never. Well, okay...I guess I sorta have.
They remind me strongly of a late 90s PRADA SPORT vibe (although those were a wedge, I had the WILD PAIR knock-offs, mmkaayyy?).

Really, I hope you aren't rolling your eyes or pretending to dry heave because lest any of you FERGET...Nicolas Ghesquiere loves a practical/unpractical hybrid, with either Legos, hockey helmets or maybe a bike chain thrown together with Velcro and Birkenstock soles. I MEAN WHY NOT, right.

I have been looking for a shoe that not only affords me comfort and a solid grip but also enough height to gain good traction for all my wheelbarrowin' needs.

And I finally found them!


Claire said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is what I've been thinking all along about these shoes and the Balenciagas.

nicolette said...

can i hate on them if i hated the balenciaga version, too? cause really. i can't.

and i LOVE grey ant as much as i LOVE balenciaga. I just can't with these.

melina bee said...

don't like the print on the straps, but other than that I actually think these are okay in their own right, especially if they did allow me to push things uphill while in heels. they are not exactly my style (at all) but I could see the right woman make them work

Cara said...

They remind me of old man's sandals, that he would wear on holidays, but with a heel.
That's not a bad thing.

Isabel said...

TEVA? Sweet jesus, I'm a fucking hippie and even I don't like those shoes.

F/M said...

ALL your wheelbarrowin' needs! ;)

Swan said...

oh my freaking krikeys! it's like the source found the satellite and brown bag lunched it home. tho i do <3 them for that.

Trés Awesome said...

Ok, I had a pair of Tevas in high school. I thought owning them allowed me to claim I was an outdoorsy type. In retrospect, I was definitely never a nature girl and the Tevas were disgusting . Which is why it gives me great pause, but I do think the black and white flag version is pretty cool. There I said it.

Trés Awesome

Vintage Wedding Rings said...

Superb heels.
How it is very comfortable to walk.
I am not much comfortable but just love it.

canvas picture said...

Oh god why, these are horrid.

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