I Totally Read: Isabella Blow, A Life in Fashion

Because sometimes life is lucky, and I have great friends with some pull..I got a copy of just released Isabella Blow biography Isabella Blow, A Life in Fashion for my birthday last week , before it came out!

It's good. Will finish by next week and give you my review. Has anyone started the other Izzy bio out now, the Detmar Blow book?


Katherine said...

careful, possible copyright infringement! the book isn't out yet!

White Lightning said...

Katherine- I believe it came out yesterday!

Katherine said...

ohhhhh aight misunderstandin', just trynna keep mah people on the right side a' the law. : )

Katherine said...

blow is a total favorite btdubs. need to buy this stat.

Knackered said...

Hi Lightening:

I am glad you are enjoying it and I look forward to your review.


Lauren Goldstein Crowe

louise or valentine said...

i read the detmar blow book in a day. it was pretty great.
some of it was kind of salacious- like the falling out of issie and alexander mcqueen.
but it's a quick read that really gives a lot of insight into her life-detmar did a good job.
the writing style almost verges on chick lit fluff-but then you remember it's all true. even when delving into the super serious side of her life, detmar still mantains a really upbeat and positive attitude- at least that's what i got from it.
but i did really like it. i'd read it again.
i just wish there were more photos in the book.

Colleen said...

I feel like the boob in that picture is in the completely wrong place for a boob...what's up with that?

louise said...

i'm really excited to read the detmar book...can we start this bookclub already?!

+that boob makes sense to me as it is. not the best angle but hey, gravity is a bitch.

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